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Cozumel restaurants Cozumel restaurantsCozumel restaurants Cozumel restaurants

Cozumel, Mexico restaurants and bar guide; continued.

El Guacamayo, located next to the Lobster house.El Guacamayo has changed its name but it is basically still part of "La Cabania del Pescadors" and is located to the left of the Lobster house. The food is described on their menu which is part of their web site (click on image to the left).

OK, so the ambiance isn't the greatest. But I dare you to find a better "Bistec Tampiqueño" or El Moro, simply the best authentic Mexican food around!"Pescado Especial" anywhere on the island. My first time eating there was in 1987 and it is still owned by the same family. The menu is extensive and I can't say that I've tried everything on the menu but if you want the best Mexican Food on the island this is a must.

It is a little bit hard to find but it is in back of the gas station located on the transversal road. Prices have gone up but so did the cost of living on Cozumel! Click on the picture to the right for more details.

Ledgend has it that there is no legend about Mezcalitos! Its just been there forever! Manuel Marin has been a friend of mine for over 20 years and Mezcalitos's is one of the islands oldest establishments. In fact, I think it was the first to inhabit the other side of the island; aside from what used to be called the "Naked Turtle" with its zoo, which is now called Playa Bonita. But some things never change; like the natural beauty of the other side of the island.

Make sure to play the "ring toss" game while you are there. Mezcalito's is located at the end of the transversal road and you can't miss it to the left. GREAT atmosphere, cheeseburgers, and fahitas. They boast killer Margaritas but be careful driving afterwards! Just click on there logo for more information.

Remember, this isn't Frommers! This is We don't get paid by anyone so our opinions are based on living here more then most of the local population.

Margaritaville came to town with much fanfare. We expected (like everyone else) that it was going to be just like the one in Key Margaritaville, Cozumel Mexico West. Great live music and a down home atmosphere full of locals and tourist alike. The fact of the matter is that this Margaritaville is most likely a franchise that sells t-shirts and expensive drinks to the tourists and is strictly commercial. If you are coming off of a cruise ship and want to say that you've been to Margaritaville in Cozumel then this is a must! But on a positive note; the Chicken wings and Key Lime pie are delicious. And they also make fresh guacamole right in front of you.

I am sorry to say (not) that Margaritaville is no longer in business! We are looking forward to the next user that will occupy this great location! Stay tuned to for the latest comings (and goings)!

No page about Cozumel restaurants would be complete without mentioning La Choza. It started as a hamburger stand in 1987 with Doug Wilshire (Jimmy Kitchen of the old Carlos'n Charlies Dad). Doug sat in front of the small restaurant (it was half the size as it is now) and would drink his martinis. Then Lagrimas bought it from Jimmy when his dad passed and Lagrimas brought his family from the Yucatan to be cooks for his new restaurant. The next thing you know, it turns into what it is today (I know; too much information:-) La Choza is an authentic Yucatecan restaurant and the food you will get there is authentic local cuisine made from local Yucatechin recipes. The portions aren't very large but the flavors are definitely as local as you will find here on Cozumel. Click on the image to go to their new site.

Now here is where it gets interesting. The following restaurants listed do not all have web pages. They are listed here because the local buzz is that they are great and many of them are bars and restaurants that simply have the best food to offer, but not everyone knows about them. Not all are expensive but all have something unique to offer. In fact every restaurant on this web site is the best that our island has to offer in it's own unique way. Make sure to come back often because this page will change constantly. The restaurant scene on Cozumel is changing a lot faster then the guides that you buy in your favorite book store would like to admit.

Kinta is the brainchild of the former executive chef of Guidos (formerly known as Pizza Rolondi). He decided to make classic Mexican cuisine with a twist. The interior ambiance is modern. Almost with a Miami Beach feel. The buzz around town is that the food is excellent which is no surprise. Kinta is named because it is on 5th Ave (and Kinta means 5th in spanish). It is about a block north of the town square. There isn't a link to a web site because they don't have one yet. However, I'll keep you posted.
Address: Ave. 5 Between Calle 2 and 4

La Cusina Italiana (Armadillo) is in a new location but the family has been on the island cooking fantastic hand made Italian food ever since I can remember (and this goes back quite a ways). The hand made raviolis are the best I've ever had. This is truly authentic Italian, with recipes from the old country. I just added a web site for La Cusina so you can click the image.
Address: Calle 6 Between Ave. 10 and 15

Albinos has the best seafood platter in town; period. The ambiance is rustic "palapa". I highly recommend the "camarones Vericuzano" (shrimp Veracruz style). The service is great and they will bring out "botanas" which are small appetizers to keep you going until your food comes. This is an incredibly relaxed atmosphere and a must if you want to have excellent seafood. There is also no link to a web site (yet) as they do not have one.
Address: Calle 20 Between Av. 10 and 12

Oven Backed PizzaThese shots were taken inside of Guidos which is an institution here on Cozumel. It really needs no introduction if you have been to the island. The courtyard is lovely and the service and food is impeccable. If you go there, ask for "Pecas" and tell him that Bob Rodriguez sent you. You will be sure to get a funny response from him.

By the way, the vegetarian pizza with shrimps is simply delicious (Pecas turned me on to it a very long time ago). There is a link to their web site on the photo of the courtyard. There you will find the address and everything else you need.

Here is a picture of La Candela. Iram is the husband of one of the owners of La Choza; another great restaurant here on Cozumel.

Anyway, La Candela serves up excellent Cuban food at a VERY reasonable price. I don't know how he does it but he does a great job! Each day you will find that the items served will be different. It is always a pleasant surprise to eat their for lunch. He also does a very brisk take out business. I eat there quite often.
Address: SW corner of Calle 6 and Ave. 5

Across the street from La Candela you will find Al Pie Del Carbone (AKA: Zapata Grill). Mouth watering steaks are made with a wood burning grill and the outdoor cafe and ambiance will transport you to a time and a place that is truly European in style. The buzz around town is that the food is excellent and although I have not eaten there yet; I plan to very soon. When I do I will give you the first hand report on it here.
Address: NW corner of Calle 6 and Ave. 5

Popeye the Salor (El Marino) is the best Ceviche in town and rivals the Ceviche served at the Rasta Bar on the other side of theLa Choza, Yucatecan Cuisine island. It is made to order and prepared right in front of you. You can have fish, shrimps, octopus, or mixed Ceviche; depending on how you feel. The interiors are simple and fun. You will love it if you want to get a real feel for the local culture as well as the local food (island seafood style).
Address: Calle 2 Between Ave. 25 and 30

I hope that you will find these recommendations to be useful as well as tasteful. There are many restaurants that are not listed here but as time allows I will add them. One thing is certain. This is not a web site that was made with any preferences in mind. It is simply made so that you could have the best culinary experience possible during your vacation on Cozumel.

Warm Regards from Cozumel,
Bob Rodriguez

PS: In case the addresses don't make any sense to you here is a map of Cozumel that should help:

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