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Cozumel Mexico links are located on the menu below.Cozumel is a guide that helps take the "hunting and pecking" out of your vacation experience! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Cozumel. All of our links are free of advertising and contain information straight from the source. And new features are constantly being added. Our latest efforts revolve around high definition videos that capture current events, and excursions in ways that are not available using text and photos. At the bottom of the page you will find featured videos from around the island.

Cozumel has grown steadily over the years since Jacques Cousteau first put the island on the map as a sea turtle sanctuary. The internet has also grown tremendously along with it. When visitors travel to Cozumel Mexico they want to know in advance where the best restaurants are, what are the best things to do, who are the most reliable tour operators, and so on. The problem with many of the top web sites is that it is sometimes hard to separate unbiased facts from advertising. This was the reason we decided to take a different approach to curb the commercialization of Cozumel. All of the pages that appear on Cozumel Mexico .net are based on decades of experience living here. We know know the island inside and out. We've watched the island grow first hand and distilled this maze of information into an easy to navigate and useful series of web pages.

Another dynamic feature is our "in the spotlight" section. It is constantly updated and showcases current events, as well as featured activities and new businesses. So without further delay we present....................

Cozumel Mexico, in the spotlight

1. One of the most popular activities on the island is horsback riding. Check out this virtual tour!

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Points of interest on CozumelCozumel Mexico has many natural wonders to enjoy while on your vacation. Between Passion Island, all of the beach clubs with beach toys, as well as the raw natural beauty of the windward beaches, one might ask, where do I start?! For an excellent overview you can always check out pictures from around the island. Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park (aka Chankanaab National Park) is a top destination. Enjoy and view the new Sea Lion Program, Dolphin discovery, and much more. We revisited the park recently. And what we found was a renewed appreciation for this diverse and adventurous place! Coconuts Bar and Grill is perched atop the highest point on the island, surrounded by dense jungle vegetation. It is located on the Leeward side of the island. For this reason alone it rates as a point of interest. Next; San Gervasio Ruins. They are not as well known as their larger counterparts; Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba. But in terms of significance, Cozumel's San Gervasio ruins played an integral part of the Ancient Mayan Culture that was unique in all the Mayan civilization. Another great place to visit is Jade Caverns. It is tucked away in the middle of the jungle and is only accessible by ATV or ATX rails. A trip to the other side of the island reveals a Sea Turtle Sanctuary. What was once common knowledge is now a tradition kept alive by the ecological department here. Celerain Lighthouse is located at the southern tip of Punta Sur (the southernmost tip of Cozumel) and makes for a great way to spend the day. Many of the most popular points of interest like Punta Sur are run by the department of Parks and Museums.

Things to do on CozumelTo get the most out of any day you can always drive around the island. Starting from the leeward side you would travel south until you get to the south end (Punta Sur). You then travel north on the windward side till you get to Mezcalitos, and finally take the transversal road back into town. There are many beaches and beach clubs that appeal to just about everyone. No trip around the island would be complete without visiting El Mirador which is located on the windward side of the island. For more information about where the beaches are and what they are like, make sure to visit our Cozumel beaches web site on the main menu. Of course there are over 40 tours and excursions to choose from. The most popular tours are listed on the menu. You can also make reservations there. For those of you who enjoy the night life and live music, make sure to check out our night life guide. We are in the process of updating our night life guide so make sure to check back soon! If you are staying for a while you may want to go off-island for a mainland excursion. For more information on mainland excursions see the Mayan Ruins link under tours and excursions on the menu. Or what about something totally different like underwater photography? Cozumel's underwater photography was brought into the spotlight by Jacques Cousteau. He spent countless hours studying the behavior of sea turtles and dolphins here. Jacques also enjoyed SCUBA diving and photographing what is arguably the most pristine coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. It is no wonder that underwater shutter bugs travel from all over the world to photograph our majestic coral reefs and its inhabitants. And if all else fails you can always just rest and relax while you hang out in this island paradise!

Island ServicesCozumel Mexico .net's services directory is the most comprehensive and up to date on the island. Over our many years of living on Cozumel we are asked about almost everything. In response to these frequently asked questions, we have compiled a list of services with directions, pictures, and hyperlinks to assist you in navigating around Cozumel so that you will make the most of your vacation time. Want to know when the Ferry crosses? Need to see a doctor? Or maybe you would like to take a hands on Spanish language course? This is a great web page that addresses these and many more issues.

Last but not least; additional information and links about the island are contained on our site map.

We hope that you have the best vacation ever and we look forward to being of assistance while you plan your next adventure!

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