Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

El Cedral

El Cedral's entrance


El Cedral is most famous for the Festival of El Cedral. It is located in the heart of the island's jungle.

During the end of April and the first week of may a historic festival is held in this small town which also has a town square and small ruins (pictured below). This annual event is said to have been started over 150 years ago by Casimiro Cárdenas.

Cárdenas was one of a group that fled to the island from the village of Saban, on the mainland, after an attack during the War of the Castes. The attackers killed many other villagers, but Cárdenas survived whilst clutching a small wooden cross.

Legend has it that Cárdenas vowed to start an annual festival wherever he settled, to honor the religious power of this crucifix. Today, the original Holy Cross Festival forms part of the wider Festival of El Cedral, which includes fairs, traditional feasts, rodeos, bullfights, music and competitions. The celebrations last about 5 days in all and are held every year.

The first city of Cozumel.
El Cedral Festival announcement.
Commencement Ceremony
Night Time Shows.

The Ruins at El Cedral.

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