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Cozumel Beaches Cozumel Beaches Cozumel Beaches Cozumel BeachesCozumel BeachesCozumel Beaches Cozumel Beaches

Beach map below.

Cozumel Beaches and Interactive Map

Beach map below.



Cozumel Beaches and map.

Cozumel beaches attract over 2 million visitors every year. And every day we have guests that want to know where the best beaches are. The answer is always the same; it depends on what you are looking for in a beach. This sounds simple enough on the surface until you find out that most people don't know exactly what they are looking for until they see it. And because of this fact, we decided to set up this interactive beach map.

There are beaches on Cozumel that will take you to great diving spots. Some have snorkeling, water toys, pools, and a host of other activities.

The interactive map located at the bottom of the page will assist you in evaluating the many options that exist around the island. Just click on the beach name and you will see what that beach really looks like today. The photos were all taken between late 2009 and 2013. They are accompanied by brief descriptions of each. All the pictures were taken from all directions of the beach view; north, south, east and west. We know of no other map in existence that shows you all of the most popular Cozumel beaches on one interactive map. You will also find hi definition videos that span the entire circumference of the island. The two videos on this page show the windward side and the leeward side. Virtual tours of each beach reside on individual beach pages.

There is an overview of each beach, along with their features and amenities. There are also comments regarding each from a locals perspective.

Each page will pop up when you choose a beach. After you finish with your review close the page and you will come back to this interactive map. That makes it easy for you to check out each beach and compare them. Pick your favorite and when you get to to Cozumel you will know where you want to go to enjoy another wonderful day in Paradise. We encourage you to drive around the island and explore the islands many beautiful beaches. I hope that you enjoy your tour of Cozumel's pristine shoreline.

Each year when the annual migration of the sea turtles comes, our appreciation of this very special island is once again renewed. If you happen to see sticks in the sand on the windward side of the island don't worry about them; they can stay. That is to let the environmental department know where the turtle egg sites were and where the eggs were retrieved. If you are ever here from November thru December and you see the little buggers scampering toward the ocean; don't worry, they have been doing the same thing for millions of years. Please leave nothing but footprints behind when you depart, and if you happen to see something that doesn't belong to mother nature you might even consider taking it to the nearest trash can for us. We hope that you have the best vacation ever on Cozumel and we look forward to your arrival.

Cozumel Beaches Map Punta Molas Lighthouse Passion Island Playa Xhanan Playa Bonita Casa Colonial Vacation Villas Municipal Pier Sunset Beach Dzul Ha Snorkeling Beach Playa Uvas - Wild Tours Mezcalito's Punta Morena Playa Corona SkyReef Carlos n' Charlies Beach Club San Francisco Beach Coconuts Bar and Grill Paradise Beach Playa Mia Playa Chen Rio Mr. Sancho's Nachi Cocom Palencar Beach El Diablo Restaurant Alberto's Beach Playa San Martin El Mirador Playa Bush Celarain Lighthouse

Leeward side of the island video

Windward side of the island video

Punta Molas Passion Island Municipal Pier Sunset Beach Playa XhananPlaya BonitaDzul Ha - AKA "The Money Bar" Playa Uvas Playa Corona Carlos' n Charlie's beach club San Francisco Beach Paradise Beach Playa Mia Mr. Sancho's Nachi-Cocom Palancar Beach Alberto's Beach Bar and Restaurant Playa Oriente - home of Mezcalito'sPunta MorenaChen Rio Coconuts - highest point on the islandEl Diablo restaurant and beachPlaya San Martin El MiradorPlaya Bush, AKA The Bob Marley BarCelarain Lighthouse Cozumel's newest beach club