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Cozumel Beaches; Chen Rio

Cozumel Beaches on the "other side".


Chen Rio is the talk of the town now. As the name would indicate "Chen Rio" got its original name because of a river that used to flow through it. The roadway before hurricane Wilma cut off the flow between the sea and the mangrove swamps. Well, thanks to Hurricane Wilma The river is back! Only this time instead of building a road over the river and filling it; They put a large drainage system under the road to let the natural course of the rive flow unimpeded.

The lush vegetation between the beach and the cove makes it ideal if you would like to experience flora and fauna mixed in with your beach. Chen Rio is one of the best Cozumel Beaches on the "other side" of the island.

Chen Rio, Cozumel beaches with flora and fauna.

Fresh seafood and civiche are the specialties. There is a small shop that sells some handy crafts but there are better deals at down the road toward "El Mira Dora".

The video above was taken on February 20, 2012. The whole fish was great and the beach cove is a beautiful view.

There is lots of shade here and plenty of seating: except for Sundays when all the locals come to play.

The cove even gives you something else to look at other then just beach. It is a tradition for the locals to decend on Chen Rio every Sunday.

One of the most serene of Cozumel Beaches.

For a different perspective I took the video above on January 13th 2013. To stay current on the ever changing beach landscape on Cozumel make sure to check our Cozumel beaches in rewiew on a regular basis. We are constantly updating the information.

There is a protected cove that is cordoned off for swimming without rip tides. However, after a heavy rain the water can get contaminated from runoff water. I would stay well south of the cove after a heavy rain and use precaution when the surf is up.

Overall Chen Rio is one of the most naturally beautiful of Cozumel Beaches to spend the day as you drive around to "the other side of the island".

Although the food prices are a little bit steep; that shouldn't keep you from visiting Chen Rio. It is well worth the experience.

Cozumel Island, Mexico

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