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Cozumel Weather in December: Your Sunny Holiday Forecast

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As someone who adores traveling, I find Cozumel in December a particularly appealing destination. The month brings with it a refreshing warmth that contrasts sharply with the colder climates of the north. The island’s climate this time of year is characterized by pleasant daytime temperatures that typically sit around 27°C (80.6°F). It’s a treat for visitors like myself to bask in the sun without the overwhelming heat that comes in the summer months.

December evenings in Cozumel tend to be cooler, though still comfortable, commonly dropping to temperatures around 20°C (68°F). The mild night-time climate lends itself to peaceful strolls along the beach or enjoying outdoor dining. Rainfall is moderate, often short and quick, which means that it rarely disrupts plans. Thus, my trip to Cozumel can be enjoyed with minimal interruption from the weather, giving me the leisure to explore the island to its fullest.

  • Cozumel in December offers warm and sunny weather with comfortable evening temperatures.
  • Occasional moderate rainfall seldom hinders outdoor activities.
  • The month’s agreeable climate makes it an ideal time for exploring all that Cozumel has to offer.

December Climate Overview

In December, Cozumel offers a respite from colder climates with its warm weather and relatively dry conditions. As we feature the island’s December climate, we’ll cover a variety of details from temperature norms to sea conditions to help visitors plan their stay.

Temperature and Humidity

Max Temperature: On average, the daytime highs sit comfortably at around 83°F (28°C).
Min Temperature: Nighttime lows tend to drop to approximately 68°F (20°C).
Humidity is moderately high, often hovering around 77%.

Precipitation and Sunshine

Average Rainfall: Cozumel sees around 2.76 inches (70 millimeters) in December.
Rainy Days: Visitors can expect an average of 8 rainy days throughout the month.
Sunshine: The island is well-lit with ample sunshine during this period, although specific historical averages for hours of sunshine are not provided.

Sea Conditions in December

Water Temperature: Sea temperatures are inviting for marine activities at an average of 79°F (26°C).
Swimming, snorkeling, and diving conditions are excellent, with warm and typically calm seas.

Cozumel Seasonal Context

December marks the beginning of the high season in Cozumel, making it a popular time for vacationing due to the pleasant weather. It falls outside the hurricane season, and is drier compared to the wetter months of the year.

Tips for December Travel

  • Sun Protection: With considerable sun exposure, it’s important to wear sun protection.
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Take advantage of the clear sea conditions for snorkeling and diving, as marine life visibility is high.
  • Christmas Festivities: If you’re here over the holiday period, particularly Christmas Eve, make early reservations for dining and activities as this is a peak travel time.

Maximizing Your Cozumel Experience

When I visit Cozumel in December, I always look forward to the warm temperatures, which are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Here’s how I make the most of the weather and what to keep in mind.

Best Activities in December’s Weather

  • Beach Time: I bask under the sun, which stays out for long hours, making it ideal for lounging and building sandcastles.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: The water temperatures hover around a comfortable 79°F (26°C), perfect for exploring the vibrant marine life.
  • Swimming: Early mornings at the beach are my go-to time for a refreshing swim in the clear sea.

Packing and Preparation

  • Sun Protection: I never forget to pack high-SPF sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Light clothing for daytime and a light jacket for cooler evenings are a must in my travel bag.

Potential Weather Challenges

Occasionally, rain showers pass through in December, usually brief. I always pack an umbrella or a rain poncho just in case. Windy conditions, while rare, sometimes affect water-based activities, but on land, a light breeze can be refreshing.

Local Events and Holidays

Christmas Eve and the surrounding holidays add a layer of festivity to my vacation. I like to participate in local celebrations if they are open to visitors, and I find that it’s a high season for culture as well as tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions

In December, I find Cozumel’s climate pleasantly warm with minimal rainfall. Many people like me are curious about the specific weather conditions to expect during this time, so let’s address some common inquiries.

What are the average temperatures in Cozumel during December?

During December, the average high temperatures I’ve experienced in Cozumel are around 83°F (28°C), while the average lows tend to hover around 68°F (20°C). These temperatures are quite comfortable for outdoor activities.

How much rainfall should I expect in Cozumel in December?

December is relatively dry in Cozumel. From what I’ve seen, the average rainfall is about 2.76 inches (7 cm), which means it’s unlikely that my vacation will be spoiled by wet weather.

Is the ocean warm enough for swimming in Cozumel throughout December?

Yes, the ocean is typically warm enough for swimming in December. The average water temperature is around 79°F (26°C), making it very inviting for a dip.

What is the humidity level like in Cozumel during December?

The air in December is somewhat humid, with an average humidity level of around 77%. Although that might sound high, the sea breezes tend to make it feel more comfortable.

Does Cozumel get hurricanes in December?

Hurricane season in Cozumel officially ends in November. So by December, the risk of hurricanes is significantly reduced, and I can usually expect calm weather.

Is December considered to be a peak tourist season in Cozumel?

December marks the beginning of the peak tourist season in Cozumel. With the cold weather up north, many travelers, including myself, head to Cozumel to enjoy its warm temperatures and sunshine.

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