Cozumel, Mexico's Casa Antigua

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Cozumel Mexico has many attractions, but there is only one Hacienda Antigua in Cozumel. It is a replica of the real Hacienda that resides in Guadalajara. Although our replica is not a working Tequila factory; the one in Guadalajara IS! The picture on the right is a shot of the actual factory.

There are 162 types of Tequila, but they all fall under five main categories; piña (Pineapple), Mescal, (which is the crudest form because of the plant), Blanco (first stage), Reposado (which is aged for 6 months), and Añejo (which is the best and is aged for 13 months).

Many of you know Mescal because of the worm in the bottom of the bottle. It is actually made with the variety of Tequila plant that has worms in it, hence the worm in the bottle!

The three main types of Tequila plants are Pineapple, Mescal, and Blue Agave (this is the best one). Some of you also use another relative of the Tequila plant without even knowing it! It is called "Aloe Vera"!

Hacienda Antiqua, Guadalajara, Mexico
The lonely Mescal plant.

For the plant to grow up to become a Tequila Pineapple takes from 7 to 10 years. It is very hard work and is all done by hand. In fact, in Michoacán the word Tequila was originally the word for worker during the Spanish Colonial period. The Hacienda was also built and managed by the Spanish colonist when they first settled (or should I say conquered Mexico), before the Mexican revolution. The architecture is a mix of Spanish and Aribic.

In order for a liquor to be called "Tequila" it must be made in the northwestern state of Jalisco, in particular Guadalajara.

In order for Champaign to be called Champaign it must be made in the Champaign region of France. Otherwise if it is made in California for example it can only be called "sparkling wine" (or Cold Duck if you are really on a budget)! The same holds true for Tequila.

One of the most important factors which contribute to the distinct taste is that the Tequila plant produces its flavor by extracting nutrients from the red clay soil that it is grown in. This soil is predominantly present in Jalisco. As well the Tequila plant is actually higher in fructose (sugar) then the sugar cane!

Cozumel Mexico's Tequila Tour Guide

Legend has it that the first form of Tequila was discovered by the first native Indians (the Chichimeca tribe). As the story goes, lightning struck a mature "pineapple" and instantly cooked it. When the natives saw that there was liquid inside they tried it and called it "nectar of the gods".

Even if it isn't true, I love the story!

There is much more to learn, taste, and enjoy about Casa Antigua, but you will just have to visit it to find out! By the way, you can also buy any number of Cava Antigua brands, flavors, and grades of this spicy hot beverage after the tour (you will also get to drink SEVERAL samples of it before the tour ends). The price of admission is only $10.00 and it is well worth it.

I hope that you have found this information to be entertaining as well as informative!

Come to Cozumel and enjoy your vacation in Paradise! But please make sure to have a designated driver!!!

PS: Below are some photos that taken during the tour. Thankfully the camera didn't have anything to drink or they might have been out of focus!

Hacienda Antigua, Cozumel Mexico
First method of making Tequila
First Tequila ever made.
Finally they distilled the famous drink!
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