Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Beaches on the North End

Cozumel Beaches; locals only.

Punta Molas Lighthouse
Punta Molas lighthouse is the end of the road if you go up the north road next to Mezcalitos (on the "other side" of the island). Remember that you can only get there by 4 wheel drive (wild tours doesn't even come this far north); so don't just go in a rental car or you will get stuck up here. It is the furthest of all the Cozumel Beaches.

The last time I was at the lighthouse there was a military checkpoint there. Now the checkpoint is near Playa Bonita. I guess they decided that three hours each way to the main road was just too much driving!

The army also used to stop you from going into the lighthouse. Now it is like it was before. You can roam all over the lighthouse but be careful because there is a lot of broken glass around.

Old army structures.
Cozumel Beaches with Rustic Charm
There is something about a lighthouse; even if it is abandoned. The character of the structure, and the colors, are really something neat to see. The wooden stairs are broken at the top section so don't try to go all the way up. Just stay on the cement stairs and you'll be alright!
The guys that were stationed here with the Mexican Army before must not have had much to do. It looks like they painted the inside of the lighthouse not too long ago. Still, there is enough chipped paint to give it character!
Cozumel beaches are unlike anyplace else
Playa Punta Molas Mexico
The north light house is not really one or our Cozumel "beaches" as much as it is an adventure. If you have a four wheel drive at your disposal and you what to really do something different; just pack up your eating and drinking supplies and head north till you can't drive anymore! The adventure is well worth the effort. Chances are you will be the only people around if you do get a chance to see it! This is a definite adventure in Cozumel, Mexico!