Cozumel, Mexico has a new and improved La Choza!

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  • La ChozaA Cozumel tradition
  • La ChozaAuthentic Yucatecqan cuisine
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La Choza La Choza La Choza

Cozumel Mexico has been waiting since August of 2008 for La Choza to open its doors after the fire that destroyed the original location. Many of us just assumed that they would rebuild the palapa structure and simply continue.

Cozumel Mexico has a new La choza!Speculation was rampant as to where the new location would be when it became apparent that they were not rebuilding the old location. For a while they located in the old San Miguel restaurant which was air conditioned but really didn't have any uniqueness; especially when compared to the original restaurant. All the while, unbenounced to the general public, they were busy rebuilding just two doors south of their original location on 10 Avenue. We were of course looking for their trademark large "palapa" but they learned by their last restaurant that this can be disastrous in a fire situation so they decided to do away with it.

To our delightful surprise the "New and Improved" La Choza exceeded our expectation in every way! As you enter you are immediately drawn to the many works of art that adorn its walls. There is a skylight on the right side with Mayan masks next to a wall that has water coming out if it, seemingly out of nowhere. The bar is well stocked as always and the kitchen is spotless and transparent to the public as it was in the original location. Everything about the ambiance has been improved 10 fold.

There is one thing however that has remained exactly the same; and that is the unique stylized signature cuisine that can only be experienced at La Choza on Cozumel Mexico!

Bring your family and friends and enjoy the food and surroundings that can only be found in this one of a kind Cozumel restaurant! We are very happy to bring your attention to their new location because when it comes to Yucatecan cuisine on the island; it just doesn't get any better!Where art and food combine!

For those of you that are not familiar with Yucatecan cooking here is a brief history of this most unusual culinary delight: 

Yucatecan food is its own unique style and is very different from what most people would consider "Mexican" food. It includes influences from the local Mayan culture, as well as Caribbean, Mexican, European (French) and Middle Eastern cultures.

There are many regional dishes. Some of them are:

  • Poc Chuc, a Mayan/Yucateco version of barbecued pork.
  • Salbutes and Panuchos. Salbutes are soft, cooked tortillas with lettuce, tomato, turkey and avocado on top. Panuchos feature fried tortillas filled with black beans, and topped with turkey or chicken, lettuce, avocado and pickled onions. Habanero chiles accompany most dishes, either in solid or purée form, along with fresh limes and corn tortillas.
  • Queso Relleno is a "gourmet" dish featuring ground pork inside of a carved edam cheese ball served with tomato sauce.
  • Pavo en Relleno Negro is turkey meat stew cooked with a black paste made from roasted chiles, a local version of the mole de guajalote found throughout Mexico. The meat soaked in the black soup is also served in tacos, sandwiches and even in panuchos or salbutes.
  • Sopa de Lima A turkey, lime and tortilla soup.
  • Papadzules. Egg tacos bathed with Pumpkin Seed sauce and Tomatoes.
  • Cochinita Pibil is a marinated pork dish and by far the most renowned from the Yucatecan food.
  • Xcatik, a type of chilli.

We hope that you have the best vacation ever and that you will come back time and time again!

Fully stocked bar Ample seating. Back Yard
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