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Cozumel Beaches with Money on the mind.

Cozumel Beaches with Great Snorkeling!


Dzul-Ha (pronounced Zool-Ha) was one of the best kept secrets on Cozumel until everyone started talking about it!

Since the "fish is out of the bag" so to speak, I guess I can tell you about one of our best Cozumel beaches; for snorkeling from shore that is. The reefs after all are one of the main reasons that everyone comes to Cozumel Island, Mexico!

But first I must tell you that what used to be Dzul-Ha is now "The Money Bar". That's right. I think that says it all.

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of our Cozumel Beaches.

The fact is that in front of the Money bar is more of a Coral Rock beach with a little bit of sand thrown on top (with pebbles). The Coral Rock is very sharp at the waters edge and there are also many sea urchins in between them. Make sure to bring your beach towel. And do not step on the rock without booties.

So you might ask; why is this included in our Cozumel beaches in review series?


The answer is simple; you can pay $45.00 or more to come to The Money Bar Beach (formerly Dzul-Ha) on either a snorkeling boat or a glass bottom boat (per person) or you can take a taxi here, rent equipment for $10.00 USD per day (or bring your own mask, snorkel, and fins), and snorkel it for free! They also have lockers for $2.00 per day (or maybe a bit more now that it is the Money Bar).

They got rid of the pool that used to be here but now they have a hard wood deck and also have fresh water showers!

Cozumel beaches with snorkeling equipment for rent.
This is by far the best shore snorkeling of any or our Cozumel Beaches.

The entry into the water that does not have rock or urchins is just to the right of the deck. Head out swimming at a 45 degree angle against the current and you will see the patch reef. It really is spectacular! Once you are out there just let the current gently take you back to the spot where you can get out safely! This is one of our Cozumel Beaches you will not want to miss!


The Money Bar (Dzul-Ha Just in case you want to see what is used to look like) is located just past El Presidente Intercontinental. Remember to get off of the main road heading south out of town where it says "Parque Chankanaab 3.3km"; otherwise you will miss the frontage road. As you pass El Presidente there will be a turn. After the turn (left) there is a palapa bar on the water (right) Dzul-Ha (The Money Bar) is right in front of the Palapa bar.

Enjoy Cozumel Island Mexico! 

The pool is great after snorkeling.
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