Serving the freshest Lobster, since 1983

As my father Fernando Sr. used to say; you haven't had lobster until you've eaten at the Lobster House!


–Fernando Jr.

Because we sell only the freshes Lobster in Cozumel, straight from the sea. We are assured of Mother Natures finest quality control!


Cozumel Restaurants; The Lobster House

Our restaurant hours are 7 nights a week from 6:00PM until...?

Fresh Lobster sold by the weight.

Fresh veggies made in our very own special way!

Key Lime Pie (the best Key Lime Pie on the Island).

Our fully stocked bar will satisfy even the most discriminating tastes!

Whether you are planing an intimate dinner with that special someone or a family and friends gathering: the Lobster House is the perfect choice.

April 4, 2012



Ken and Marla Bathurst, Hershey, PA

"Cozumel Restaurants and Bars just don't get any
Gene and Kirsten Lowry, Seattle, Wa.

A guest of Casa Colonial once said that The Lobster
House is where the word "ambiance" was created.

Bob Rodriguez, Cozumel Island, Mexico!

As the author of (your complete vacation guide) I know about most of the businesses in town. The Lobster House is one of the great Cozumel restaurants that have withstood the test of time. Why? Because Fernando is one of the coolest guys around. He not only gives his guests great personal service but he is also very entertaining and anamated. It's worth it just to see him do some of his special card tricks or other slight of hand magic!

Cozumel Concierge!
"Best Conch Chowder and Key Lime Pie on the
island." Gene and Kirsten Lowry, Seattle, Wa.

September 14, 2011

Unknown voice crossing the bridge-

"While sitting in our favorite of Cozumel Bars, waiting for my lobster dinner to come, I heard a party of several walking across the wooden planks to the entrance of the restaurant. It is very "Jungular" with a canopy of trees that house huge emerald green and orange iguanas overhead. The single word I heard one of the men in the party say was....... "Anaconda"

Fernando serves up lobster

During your meal Yuki's soothing voice is singing in the background and on the other side of the restaurant Fernando will amaze you with his fabulous Magic Tricks!

Here is a brief history of Cozumel's original Lobster House:

The Lobster House is steeped in tradition. Fernando Sr. (now the sons run the restaurant); went to some old fishermen of Cozumel around 25 years ago and asked them if they had any old fishing gear for sale as he was building his new "seafood restaurant". To his surprise the fishermen brought him to a huge storage shed that had HUNDREDS of items that were stored over many years! It was like finding a treasure trove of Cozumel's past "sleepy little fishing village" history! There were old nets, lobster traps, block and tackle, old harpoons and every manor of antique fishing gear that was stored over the years and never discarded. Of course to the fishermen it was just extra "stuff", but Fernando knew it was much more then that. Immediately he seized the moment and told the old fishermen that he would take it all!! They were absolutely amazed and very happy to sell him these items. Now they adorn every nook and view of the Lobster House interior, and it will take you back to when times in Cozumel were much simpler. The warmth, charm and beauty of the restaurant are truly original and a jewel among restaurants in Cozumel.


Do you believe in ghost's? If you ask, Fernando will show you the little girl of the Lobster House! Can you see her in the Lobster House Video?

The Lobster House is located across the street from Hotels Playa Azul

& Cabañas del Caribe.
1.5 Km past the marina.

Remember, we are on the right hand side of La Cabaña Del Pescador!
Open Every night from

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Zona Hotelera Norte, Cozumel, Q. Roo.
México, C.P. 77600.

Make sure to look for

Fidel Castro sitting in front!!!