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Playa Mia Cozumel Playa Mia Cozumel Playa Mia Cozumel Playa Mia Cozumel Playa Mia Cozumel

Cozumel Beaches that cater to large groups

Cozumel Beaches with lots of tourists.

Playa Mia is the largest of all the beaches here on Cozumel. It was formerly known as Playa Del Sol. So if you see it referred to as that, you will know why. It is similar to Paradise beach only it has more people and there is an admission fee.

The newest attration on this mega beach club is the Mayan Cacao Factory Tour >>

There are verious prices for packages and everyone in your group may want a different package, so when you get there check out the "menu". For example to use the water toys is $10.00. They also have an "underwater Mayan City", dressing rooms, sailboats, water bicycles, iceberg, ping-pong tables, and a kids club and playground. If you want to go to a beach club that has more toys and people than any other beach club on Cozumel, this is the place for you. There is even a small zoo!
Playa Mia is the largest beach on Cozumel
Playa Mia is the only beach with a water slide.
As you enter you must pay an admission fee of around $12.00 USD.

Think of Playa Mia as an all inclusive resort beach. They have tried to have something for everyone here. You can rent shade umbrellas, and hammocks, lounge chairs, volleyball & soccer court, and a bungee trampoline.

There is even talk on the island that they are in negotiations with Carnival to have an all inclusive day pass. There is even talk of them building a "Dolphin Discovery" here. If this is not massive enough the list of things going on here is more than I can cover in this page.

And for all of you moms who like to keep the little ones amused; the playground and kids club will keep them busy with ceramic painting and other games while you enjoy the beach. So it is basically a baby sitting service. I didn't see anyone using it while I was there but I'm sure that there are those who would rather play in the playground than the beach. The kids will also love the zoo; or should I say mini-zoo.
The entrance and parking lot.
Cozumel beaches for the masses


The management has the system down pat. Even though Playa Mia is "strictly commercial", it caters to a large segment of the cruising population that comes to visit our Cozumel Beaches. For those who want to get away from it all, I recommend the "other side of the island".

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