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Playa Uvas

Cozumel Beaches with style.

Playa Uvas 2015

Cozumel beaches; Playa Uvas, is one of the the closest beach clubs to town on our review series. Playa Uvas opened around May of 2008. There are concessions for diving, clear kayaks, special events, and weddings. It is also a part of the ATV and snorkel tour.

This is a beach that is like Playa del Carmen meets Miami Beach. Very Mediterranean and decorated with taste. It has now gotten much busier since they have worked their marketing plan. And I might add that they have done an excellent job of marketing. However, with success comes lots of people flocking to this top tourist destination Cozumel Beach.

The menu has a modern appearance and the food is presented very nicely, but from my limited sampling of what I was told is their house specialty; it still tasted like fried food to me. The staff was friendly and attentive.

They also have a full bar with a small wine list. The Chilean wine is especially good.

Cozumel beaches; Playa Uvas
There is also boutique shopping on the beach.

After some snorkeling or "transparent" Plexiglas Kayaking, why not take a dip in their pool, have a drink, and relax?

Since the equipment is fairly new, and not scratched up yet; you can still see the fish through the kayaks!

They really paid attention to details at this beach club.

During the day it is an excursion staging area but at night it transforms into a multi-media experience. There is a large screen that projects music videos while the stereo plays the latest dance music.

The garden, seating, pool, and bar come to life with the accent lighting and planned landscaping. It really is a beautiful place to hang out. Not very rustic as most of our Beaches go, but well worth the experience.


Relax and soak up the atmosphere

Cozumel Island, Mexico

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