Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Beaches with Mayan Ruins.


Playa Bonita is a remote beach that is absolutely beautiful.

There is privacy, the beach is pristine, and the mood is romantic. This is a great place to take that special person if you want to reflect and enjoy Cozumel beaches at their finest. There is also a famous Mayan Ruin here.

Secluded Cozumel Beaches.


Cozumel beaches that need insect repellent!

Located on Rancho Ixpalbarco, Playa Bonita is also far enough away that you will want to bring everything that you need to be self sufficient. In the summer time it is especially important that you bring bug repellent as the flies and mosquitoes will eat you alive! :0) The beaches on the north road are Cozumel beaches with a bite!

Seriously, the best time to come out here to enjoy the beach without the bugs is in the winter time.

Local legend has it that this small ruin is VERY significant as it is widely believed that the Mayans considered this the end of the Mayan civilization. This is because it is located on the furthest eastern spot on land where you can see the sun rise. The Mayans believed that the world stopped where the sun rises. Also if you stand in the doorway of the ruin you can see the north star at night. Cozumel Beaches with a rich history.
  Playa Bonita, recreation center! :0)

There are also kayaks nearby that are used by the "Wild Tours" group and it is also home to one of the best Cozumel beaches on the north end of the island. If they tell you that it is a "private beach" remember.....


There are NO private beaches in Mexico. You can use any beach and have a great day!


However, if you see a structure like this one on the left it just might be private! Most of the time no one really cares about your coming or going around here. Just make sure to bring trash bags with you and don't leave anything behind when you depart your favorite Cozumel beaches.

You will love the beaches on the north lighthouse road. Just remember to think safe and enjoy your vacation on Cozumel Island!

Enjoy one of the great Cozumel beaches.
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Cozumel Island, Mexico

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