Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Beaches with Mexican Colonial Style.

Cozumel Beaches, Mexican Colonial Style.

Mr. Sanchos is one of our Cozumel Beaches with a theme. If you want to experience the essence of Mexico this is the beach for you. The details are very Mexican Colonial (Hacienda style). From the entrance, through the village style souvenir shops, to the restaurant; every detail gives you the feel of Cozumel Island Mexico. The beach however is still a beach!
Mexican Colonial style with all the conveniences of the best Cozumel Beaches.
Cozumel Beaches for the typical tourist.

They boast a palapa restaurant with 1,721 sq. ft. Enough to feed an army of tourists! (up to 150 people).

They also feature palapa huts and shade umbrellas, now you can go up to 500 people. Just be prepared to play tourist when you come to this beach.

I actually like the swing bar. It's a fun way to see one of our best theme Cozumel beaches.

The fresh water pool/Jacuzzi with a cascading waterfall is a refreshing way to cool off and rinse the sea salt off after playing with the water toys.

They also have a sound system with a DJ. If you don't like loud music just stay to the south of the sound system! They also have a swing bar for hanging out.

Lots of activities and things to do.
Cozumel Beaches with Mexican flavor!
This Cozumel beach offers jet skis, water toys, as well as glass bottom boat and diving tours. If I had to choose between Playa Sol and Mr. Sanchos; I would choose Mr. Sanchos. Same traffic; only this is definitely one of our Cozumel beaches with a distinctive Mexican style.