Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Mega Supermarket, Cozumel

Cozumel Mexico Enters Mainstream Shopping.


Cozumel Mexico continues to evolve exponentially! The Cozumel Mexico of today is a far cry different in many ways from the Cozumel Mexico of yesteryear.

I still remember when you used to have to go to three different stores on Cozumel just to buy one evenings dinner (a very long time ago)! First was the Mercado (which is still there), then you would go to the bakery for fresh bread, then if you wanted to have seafood you would have to go to the fiscal ferry pier downtown in the morning as the local fishermen came in to sell fresh caught fish daily. The only milk that was available was what we called "dead milk". It comes in containers that have a shelf life of 1,000 years! :0) And the aftertaste is definitely an acquired taste.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a soft spot for the "good old days" and the charm that came with Cozumel Mexico during the days of the sleepy little fishing village lifestyle.

But lets face it; the good old days are highly overrated!! The vegetables were often times wilted; especially during the summer months. The meat was sometimes bad and even on a good day it was tough as shoe leather. You learned to live with it because you simply didn't have a choice! Below are a couple of pictures of the Marcado as it stands today. Much cleaner than it was back then, but still too little and too late.

Meat market
The Old Marcado

Now we fast forward to the present! The state-of-the-art of Supermarkets has finally come to Cozumel Mexico. In November of 2008 the new Mega Supermarket opened its doors to the public with a great deal of anticipation and fanfare. There are fresh vegetable bins that actually automatically mist these beautiful delights as a crew of employees make sure that only the freshest and most beautiful items are left on the shelf.

Mega (as it is called) has also entered into exclusive contracts with purveyors that supply mouth watering Angus beef products that are as tender as the finest cuts of meat found anywhere on the island; except for Covi Liquors on 30th Ave. and Paxadeli (ask while you are here). The store is super clean and as you walk through the store you will notice items that you would never expect to find in a Mexican supermarket. Helth products like almond and soy milk are sold for the first time ever! There are a wide variety of goods that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate. There is even a GNC on the first level along with Office Max and a few other cool retailers.

New Mega Supermarket Vegetable section.
Mega Meat Selection and seafood too!

Breads and pastries are made fresh daily and displayed in a mouth watering array of chocolates and other confectionary delights that await your next visit to Cozumel.

Popular and tasteful clothing is even available. Forget about the days when you shopped in a store to find that the clothing you bought during your vacation had to be discarded as soon as you returned home! There are flat panel TV's for sale, Maytag washers, dryers, refrigerators and just about everything that you would want for your home as well as food. This is especially welcome if you have a second home here or if you are a local that just wants all the modern conveniences.

Fresh baked pastery
Popular Cloth lines

You will find prepared foods in their food court, a pharmacy, and much more!

This is not a pitch for Mega. This is just sheer excitement for one of the best things to happen here in a very long time. If you long for the good old days; you can always go to the Marcado, or the other side of the island or just south of town where very little has changed if anything. However, just having the ability to clean up at the end of a hard day at the beach or after a dusty trail on horseback, and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, is something that is priceless!

So on your next visit, don't worry if you forgot to bring that hair dryer, or A1 steak sauce, or vintage wine that made you feel civilized in the past. Just bring your shorts and flip flops and Mega can supply the rest of your creature comforts!

As always, I hope that you will find this web site and its information useful during your next vacation to paradise!

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