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El Mirador, Cozumel, Mexico

El Mirador, Cozumel Mexico


El Mirador is not a classic beach with fine white sand and beach toys but it is nonethless a Cozumel landmark. Over thousands of years the coral rock that

composes the caribbean sea bed has been pounded by waves which erroded the coral reef into this magnificent natural bridge. Every year countless visitors climb

on top of this natural wonder as they watch the sea roll in.

Most tourist who visit this beautiful site are unaware of its history. And most who live here were not old enough to know.

Champaign Cup Photo Shopped
Champaign Cup Photo Shopped

Before Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 there was a formation known as the "Champaign cup". It stood majestically right in the middle between the natural bridge to

the south and the large rock outcropping to the north. The Champaign cup had one very unique feature. It was not only shapped like a champaign cup but the top

was made out of the same porous coral rock as the natural bridge and coral rock that encircles the island. The top of this coral formation is something that I will

never forget. I tried to find pictures of it on the internet but I couldn't find any. So I made a VERY crude photoshop picture of it (pictured on the left) to give

you some sense of it's size and what it did.

Whenever a large wave would come in, it would break all around the formation and splash on top with a lound "woosh". And as the water splashed down on top of the Champaign cup hundreds of thousands of bubbles would erupt on top!!! Just as you would expect a cup of Champaign to act! It was absolutely breath taking. And on a full moon it was the most romantic place to be on the island. I had many a toast sitting on a beach blanket, on a full moon!

Another unique feature that most people do not know about is the natural Jacuzzi! This feature is approximately 70 yards to the south of El Mirador. Each time a set of waves comes in, the water bubbles up from the bottom of the "Jacuzzi". And when you are sitting in it! Well, use your imagination. If this doesn't make you feel special; nothing will!


Natural Jacuzzi

I hope that you've enjoyed this insiders tour of El Mirador! And if you want to get the inside scoop on all things Cozumel, make sure to check out; Your Complete Vacation Guide!

We look forward to your arrival.

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