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Cozumel shopping: Unique Boutiques.


Shopping while on Cozumel is one of the most popular vacation activities. You can always find shops with the "run of the mill" items: you know; Mexican blankets, jewelry stores and such. But what if you are in the mood to bring home a real treasure, something special, or something unique? It is for this reason that we decided to write this web page; "Cozumel Shopping; Unique Boutiques!"

Just to add to the uniqueness of our web site, and to give you treasure hunters a real thrill; we added some GPS coordinates to a few of our Cozumel Shopping; Unique Boutique stores. Hand held GPS's are inexpensive and easy to use these days. Why not add some extra spice and adventure to your vacation shopping on Cozumel? Bring your hand held GPS and go treasure hunting. We are always expanding our pages as long as there is a new location which fits our criteria. So check back regularly for updates.

Blanc du Nil

So lets get started.

If you are looking for a great ready to wear store Blanc du Nil is one of the best. The specialize in all white womens and mens casual beach wear. Click on the image to the left for more information.


In the mood for some really cool beach wear? Sandi Swanson has her trendy casual ready to wear beach clothing on display at Paradise beach. Sandi goes to all of the best casual wear conventions throughout the USA and abroad in search of that perfect island wardrobe statement. Whether you want to hang ten in Hawaii, San Trope, or Cozumel Island; you won't find a better place to get that perfect beach bikini, wrap, sun dress, gaucho pants, or accessories anywhere on the island.

If you are looking for beach wear, this is definitely the place to shop. The prices are also very reasonable. 

Cozumel Shopping at Paradise Beach
Cozumel "Green" shopping with Cloth made from Bamboo!
Cariloha is one of Cozumel's newest and most unique boutiques. What is not apparent when you first see the store is the fact that every item of clothing in the store is actually made with Bamboo!

There are many advantages to wearing cloth made from bamboo. First of all, this line of cloth wear, accessories, watches, sunglasses and more are all fashioned around the laid back island theme. Their clothing is super comfortable, odorless, keeps you cooler then cotton and has many other properties that make this line of goods island cool! For more information you can click on the picture and go to the web site that will give you more information and even has a video on it.

Cariloha is located on the water front between Juarez and Calle 2 north.

Our newst Unique Boutique
Funky Bizarre boutique

Shopping in Cozumel is not just about jewelry stores and Mexican curio shops. There is also a wide variety of unique gift ideas to choose from. You just have to know where to find them. That is where our unique boutiques directory comes in.

Located on the first level of the Mega Supermarket on the Melgar (main drag) and 11th street, you will find the "Funky Bazaar"! It is a great mix of eclectic beach and casual wear with a mix of local art and jewelry.

Lulu and Monica are the owners and have put together a quaint place to brows, try on cloth, and buy something special to remember Cozumel. To get a better idea of what to expect check out this slide show.

As many of you veterans of the island know; we are adding new shops all the time. Ron Jon is yet another example of how the gauntlet on the main drag is growing. For more information about our latest addition just click on the picture to your left and you will be beamed up, Kawabunga style, to this new surfers paradise here on Cozumel.
Cozumel Shopping at Ron Jon's Surf Shop. Click here!
Cozumel Shopping

In Mexico, tequila is not exactly unique, but In Cozumel, Mexico a store that is 100% dedicated to Tequila is definitely special!

Fresh lime, a dash of salt, and a good 'ol shot will let you know that you are in Mexico. No trip to the island would be complete without brining back some spirits as gifts. I like a brand called Hornitos (little stoves). It is really smooth.

Chances are that you will find just about any brand of Tequila that you desire in this shop. With a wide variety of grades and flavors, there is a lot to choose from.

Located on the North end of the town plaza on (a few shops in) Calle 2 Norte and 5 avenida Norte just a few doors down from Balam Feathers.

Shop at Cozumel's Tequila store
Panama Jack Cozumel
Panama Jacks is one of Cozumel's brand casual wear stores. They feature great beach styles for men and women, as well as accessories. If it's "tropicool" you'll find it here. From Sunglasses to Suntan lotion, headwear to eyewear; Panama Jacks serves up their special brand of items that have been popular since 1974.
I think that their corporate statement says it all; "Panama Jack is a time and a place; a state of mind in a state of being. Panama Jack is a traveler, not a tourist. The breezy, relaxed ways of the tropics can be found in everything that bears his name. From Panama Jack signature sun care, eyewear, headwear and beachwear to our footwear, jewelry, accessories and even rum."
Cozumel Shopping
Unique Turkish Lamps and silk pillows
If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, hand crafted gift idea; this is the shop for you. All of the glass pieces are made by hand and imported from Turkey. The silk embroidered pillows and accessories are also uniquely designed and hand made.

Chocolate lovers unite!

There is no better gift to bring back for a loved one, family or friend, that a delicious home made chocolate from Chocolateria Ilsa Bella.

Now located on 5 avenida between Calle 2nd and 4th Norte (next to Kinta Restaurant), this unique boutique is run by a mother and daughter with a passion for making the very best and richest taste treats.

Lime-Coconut, Triple Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Berry are just a few examples of these one-of-a-kind heavenly delights.

We highly recommend the Lime-Coconut. It is not only one of their best sellers; it tastes just like biting into a fresh baked key lime pie. Only this key lime pie has a distinct chocolate overtone.

Popular with vacationers and local alike; Chocolateria Ilsa Bella is a must try while in town. Free samples are handed out 12pm till 9:30pm, Monday thru Saturday.

Cozumel's best chocolate shop

Large selection of fresh home made chocolates.

Cozumel Shopping Continued