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Explore the Starfish Sanctuary in Cozumel

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Welcome to an unparalleled journey through the mesmerizing waters of Cozumel, where the azure blue meets the vibrant marine life. Join us as we delve into an adventure that promises not just an experience, but a lifelong memory. Our guided tour offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich biodiversity, and exhilarating activities, all wrapped up in a comprehensive package designed to cater to your adventurous spirit.

Tour Highlights

The Sky: Sanctuary of the Starfish

Begin your adventure at “El Cielo,” known as the sky, a sanctuary famed for its clear blue waters and sandy banks. Here, you’ll witness the stunning spectacle of starfish scattered across the seabed, creating an otherworldly landscape that seems almost surreal. This protected area is a haven for marine life, offering a rare opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Snorkeling Adventure

Dive into the crystal-clear waters and embark on a snorkeling expedition over the sanctuary of manta rays and starfish. Equipped with top-notch snorkeling gear, you’ll have the chance to explore the vibrant underwater world, teeming with colorful fish and intricate coral formations. The snorkeling activity lasts for approximately 40 minutes at each site, ensuring ample time to soak in the beauty and marvel at the marine biodiversity.

The Great Mayan Reef

Our tour also includes a visit to the Great Mayan Reef, the second largest reef system in the world. This reef is renowned for its diverse marine life and spectacular coral structures. Here, you can venture into a vibrant underwater ecosystem, observing rare species and the breathtaking underwater scenery that defines this natural wonder.

Itinerary Details

Duration and Schedule

The tour spans 4.5 hours, meticulously planned to maximize your experience. We recommend checking availability for starting times to plan your visit accordingly.

Included Amenities

  • Snorkeling Equipment: Vests, visor, and tube provided for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Snacks and Drinks: Enjoy fresh tuna salad, seasonal fruits, and tortilla chips. Quench your thirst with unlimited water, flavored water, rum punch, and beers.
  • Travel Insurance: Comprehensive coverage to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Marine Park Fees: All required fees are included in the package.
  • Professional Guidance: Our experienced local guides have over 20 years of expertise, ensuring a well-informed and secure adventure.
  • Photography: A photographer is available at an additional cost to capture your memorable moments.

Essential Information

Meeting Point

The tour begins at the monument to the swallows, just outside the fiscal pier in Cozumel. Look for our guides, Cristian, Glendy, or Julio, who will be waiting to welcome you. Please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

What to Bring

Prepare for your adventure by bringing the following items:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Comfortable clothes and beachwear
  • Water shoes
  • Cash and credit card
  • Daypack
  • Charged smartphone
  • Waterproof bag

Restrictions and Considerations

For your safety and comfort, please note the following restrictions:

  • Not suitable for children under 2 years, pregnant women, people with back problems, mobility impairments, respiratory issues, diabetes, and those over specified weight limits.
  • Prohibited items include high-heeled shoes, pets, weapons, oversized luggage, and alcohol.

Safety Guidelines

  • The use of sunscreen and certain lotions is strictly prohibited to protect marine life.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not allowed before the adventure.
  • Activities may be suspended due to weather or mechanical issues, with a partial refund policy in place.

Physical Requirements

Participants must be able to swim, as the snorkeling depth ranges from 6 to 14 meters. Consider your physical condition and stamina, as the snorkeling activity involves moderate physical exertion.

Additional Tips

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, follow these additional tips:

  • Stay hydrated throughout the tour.
  • Follow all safety instructions provided by your guides.
  • Respect the marine environment by not touching or disturbing the wildlife.
  • Capture your adventure but do so responsibly without causing harm to the natural surroundings.

This Cozumel adventure is more than just a tour; it’s a gateway to exploring one of the most beautiful and biologically rich environments in the Mexican Caribbean. Book now to secure your spot and immerse yourself in an experience that combines natural beauty, thrilling activities, and expert guidance. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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