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Cozumel Weather Forecasts and Hurricane Information.

Cozumel weather is one of the most popular requests on the internet from visitors thinking about or planning a vacation to our island. The science of predicting the weather is not perfect; but at the end of this page I will give you the most accurate weather forecast source ever!

We hear the most popular questions: "When is the best time to come to Cozumel?", "When is the rainy season?", "When does hurricane season begin?" and more.

These questions as well as the myths surrounding them, will be discussed in this web site. We will also, give you the local weather as reported by the top sources in the industry.

Most everyone is familiar with the popular weather "news source" on the left; Accuweather. What you are seeing is the actual Cozumel weather forecast that is reported and updated constantly.

All weather predictions start with information provided by NOAA, which stands for: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. What many people do not know, is that NOAA is a part of the Department of Commerce that is a provider of digital and other maps for navigation, weather prediction, and physical features of the United States. This information is read daily by meteorologists from all around the world; because the equipment used is owned by the United States Government.

On your right you will find the historical hurricane chart; for a larger view just click on the chart and the larger image will pop up.Cozumel weather, Hurricane Chart

One mistake that many visitors make is to plan their vacations around the hurricane season. To be very frank with you; that is the equivalent of saying "I want to plan my next vacation to California around the Earthquake season or the Fire Storm season!"

The second myth is that when the "rainy season" is upon us, it rains from the day that it starts to the day that it is finished! This is simply not true. For example, 2008 was the driest "rainy season" that I can ever remember. And the perfect example of the "rainy season" has been 2013. There has been plenty of rain in the night and morning hours and beautiful sunny days almost every day! The gardens love this kind of rain and it makes for some heavy tree pruning at the end of the season (November).

Third myth dispelled; Cozumel does not get hit by a hurricane every year as many believe. The last Hurricane to hit Cozumel was in 2005 (Hurricane Wilma)

Fourth myth: When a hurricane hits Mexico or anywhere around Mexico, Cozumel weather is affected! This is exemplified by the Hurricane Dean event (in 2007). It was headed straight for Cozumel. At the last minute Hurricane Dean turned to the south and we didn't even get a rain storm from it. However, for months after that everyone who wrote anything on the internet was asking how much damage there was after Hurricane Dean came through the island! In 2008, 2009, and 2013 we didn't even get a tropical storm!

The moral of the hurricane story is don't plan your vacation around your fear of the "Hurricane Season". Just plan your vacation whenever it suits your schedule! If you are still worried, then buy travel insurance! Since there are many different plans to choose from I recommend a travel insurance site that will allow you to pick the plan that is right for you. Read more >>

I told you that at the end of this web site I was going to give you the best tip of all to find out what the weather is like on Cozumel didn't I? Well here it is................... Forget about what the meteorologists are saying (because they are giving you an educated guess). The best way to find out what is going on is to go directly to the source. There is a satellite up there in space that is constantly focused on us here on earth. And it is always in a geosynchronous orbit around the earth (which means it is always fixed on us). It will tell you exactly what is going on here in real time by clicking on the "animate image above" button below the picture. There is no other web site this specific for real time information. For the most accurate real time Cozumel severe weather forecast simply click here. And for the most accurate Hurricane tracking information see the National Hurricane Centers web site.

We hope that you will find this information useful!