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Cozumel Watersports are diverse and fun!  

Cozumel Water Sports; from North to South

Cozumel water sports and activities are abounding and plentiful on the leeward side of the island. As you might expect, there is no shortage of things to do on Cozumel. This jewel of the Mexican Caribbean has always been known for its world class SCUBA diving and snorkeling. But what is less known is that our island has evolved over the years to encompass just about every water borne activity known to man.

This web site will not only give you a comprehensive view of the vast array of water sports available on the island, but we will show you where to get more information, pictures, virtual video tours as well as how to make reservations. We want to help make your dream vacation to Cozumel becomes a reality. And we hope that you will find this guide useful as well as informative.

So without further ado lets "dive in"!

Starting on the north end of the leeward side of the island you will find the perfect spot to enjoy Cozumel Kiteboarding. This up and coming sport has always been the domain of our long time resident expert Raul de Lille. Their staging area is a sand bar which is located between the north end of the island and Passion Island (which has a link on the map below). If you are interested in partaking of this challenging sport, or if you are just curious, visit our Cozumel kiteboarding expert for more information.

Perhaps kiteboarding is a bit aggressive for you? Don't worry, be happy!

You can always try some deep sea fishing. Cozumel's channel and drop off has always been famous for world class deep sea fishing. Depending on when you come to the island will also depend on which fish are "running". One of our best deep sea fishing captains can be found through Cozumel Concierge's deep sea fishing planner.

Cozumel water sports, Paddleboarding

Puerto AbrigoFishing boats are moored in two main locations; Porto Abrigo and the Caleta.

As we travel south from Porto Abrigo our next water sport stop is the Stingray encounter area. If you are so inclined you can swim with these magnificent creatures of the sea in their pens. Although I have mixed emotions about this tour, I'll just report it here and let you decide!

As you travel south of town along the main road (there is only one main road traveling south) the next thing you will see is Sand Dollar Sports staging area for their SNUBA diving spot. That would be the small float shown with 4 SNUBA divers. SNUBAFurther out you will find our most famous snorkeling catamarans with, of course, a cruise ship always nearby!

One of the next sites that you will find on your journey is the headquarters of one of Cozumel's most outrageous attractions! If you have ever wondered what it would be like to dive into the depths in a US Coastguard approved submarine, this is a chance of a lifetime!

As you continue southward on the Leeward side you will come to Playa Uvas (grape in English). There you will find the only location on the island where you can experience the unique thrill of water kayaking in a clear acrylic kayak. Clear KayakImagine the thrill of having your very own up close and personal view of our world class reef system while paddling along in your kayak!

Maybe you just want to lounge around?

Chankanaab National Park is the perfect spot to do nothing on a manicured beach while sipping on your favorite beverage. While you're at it why not swim with dolphins! That's right, flipper will be all smiles!

Now if you are really in the mood for extreme water toys there is always Paradise beach; which also boasts the largest fresh water pool of any beach club. You will see a video of it on the page (hyperlinked above). If you look carefully at the photo below you will see floaters, a water trampoline, Caribbean iceberg, and even a jet ski making a wake in the far background! Paradise beach might be a bit on the commercial side but if you want to watch plenty of tourists having fun in the sun, this is definitely ground zero!Chankanaab National Park

Or maybe you would like to have a birds eye view of the island. If that be your preference simply strap on your parasail and take off! This is definitely a thrill like no other!

Water sausage anyone? Mr. Sancho's is the place to bump and jump your way through the water while having a wild ride on the "banana"! Just make sure to hold on because the ride really is wild, and the last person sitting wins!

Whether you are interested in Jet skis, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding or any manner of water sports, you will find it right here!

Paradise BeachI hope that you find this information useful, and remember; we are the only vacation guide that does not accept payment from anyone to advertise on our site. So we are simply about showing you the best that our paradise island has to offer so that you will come back and tell your friends!

We hope that you have enjoyed this tour of our many water borne attractions, and we hope that you have the best vacation on Cozumel ever!

If you have any additional questions about water sports or any of the many activities shown on this web site and more, simply contact the number one Concierge service on Cozumel; Cozumel Concierge.



Map of Cozumel Mexico

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