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Cozumel restaurants Cozumel restaurantsCozumel restaurants Cozumel restaurants

Cozumel, Mexico restaurants and bar guide.

Cozumel Restaurants and Bars have exploded on the scene and there is a restaurant for every taste and budget for your consideration. If you are looking for a list of live music venues see our nightlife guide.

A brief history: There was a time very long ago when you had to buy your meals every day at three locations. First you went to the marcado to buy produce, then the bakery. And lastly, if you wanted fish fresh you could buy direct from the fisherman who sold their catch of the day on the south side of the municipal pier. If you wanted meat, you would have to scavenger around in search fresh ingredients. If you wanted wine with your meal, you had two choices, red or white (both made by Calafia, the only wine sold on the island back then). It was an adventure, but that was then.

Many of the old restaurants have changed locations and new restaurants are constantly springing up. In our never ending quest to stay on top of current trends and events on the island, our restaurants pages are constantly being updated. The latest update was done on July 10th, 2015.

The most notable change has been where restaurants have migrated. Most of the islands most popular restaurants are now located between the water front (Melgar) on the west side, to 30th Avenue to the East, 11th street on the south end and the airport road on the north end. There is a city street map on the last page that will help you get oriented. The restaurants listed below will have a short description on one side with a picture of the restaurant next to it. You can go a corresponding web site by clicking on the pictures next to the description (if there is a web site). Only the best restaurants will be featured.

Our primary objective is that you have the best vacation possible on Cozumel.

So without further adieu lets start our with one of Cozumel's restaurants that cater to locals!

El Sazón Del Camarón is a great place to have your favorite seafood tacos. From shrimp to octopus in its own ink; El Sazón Del Camarón is sure to please. Just click on the picture with the friendly waiters to go there!
El Sazón Del Camarón, Cozumel

Traditional and Contemporary combined

If you are looking for a combination of traditional Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist, you will want to make a reservation to dine at Kinta! Located in the heart of San Miguel, Kinta has raised the bar and set a new standard for fine dining on Cozumel. Just click on the image to go there!

One of the oldest local restaurants is now serving coconut lionfish! If you have never tried it before you are in for a real treat! It is simply delicious. Click on the picture on the right for more details.
La Perlita, a Cozumel seafood restaurant
February 16th, 2012 was my first visit to La Tienda Guido's. A new and refreshing way to spend a mid morning with friends! For more information click here!

My all time favorite Cozumel restaurant is The Lobster House. Fernando Sr. started it when he bought a whole warehouse full of fishing equipment 35 years ago and used these treasures to create this most unique environment. If you ever wondered what it was like in Cozumel all those many years ago; The Lobster House is a must see!

Of course to visit their web site simply click on the picture to the right which was taken several years ago right on the side of the restaurant. Quite charming indeed!

The Lobster House; an exclusively lobster restaurant
Mediterranean Cruise
Anyone who is familiar with Cozumel knows that La Cocay is one of the finest restaurant to grace the island. It is a bit on the pricey side. But the food is delicious and the ambiance is romantic. Gary and Kathy are the owners and their staff of waiters and bartenders are efficient, attentive, and always make everyone feel extra special. My favorite is the filet with demi-glace sauce. Although I recently had a fish meal with a mildly hot and very flavorful sauce that was extraordinary.
Everyone always comments on my Cozumel Beaches map; but one beach that is not on the map is actually one of the most fun places to hang out in town. It is called the No Name Bar. It is located on the main drag and you will have to just about use a microscope to find the entrance. But believe me, it's there. This is where the cruise ship members hang out most of the day. It is located just across from the New Mega Supermarket. The picture on the right will take you there!
MeNo Name Bar; the only beach in town.

Local's seafood restaurant

Pulpo (octapus) marinero

This local Cozumel restaurant is located on Calle 2 Norte between Ave. 10 Norte and 5 (across the street from the taxi syndicate). Very few tourists frequent this well-known seafood "torta" and taco eatery. The "pulpo ala marinera" (octopus ceviche in their own ink) is excellent. The "torta's" (sandwiches) are very popular with breaded shrimp and fish being on top of the list.

If you would like to get a taste of how the locals eat make sure to get there during breakfast.

Sunday at ten O'clock am is the best time to go.

Make sure to follow the link below to see the map that will help you to locate all of these restaurants.

La Lobsteria is now owned by Le Chef. The menu was as you would expect (lobster/seafood and other gourmet dishes with a distinctive Mexican flair). The clam chowder was especially good.

GPS coordinates:
N 20o 30' 19.2"
W 086o 57' 11.6"

Restaurante La Lobsteria

Cozumel's newest restaurant

Home sick already? Want to eat at an American standard restaurant! Then welcome to Hooters!

Hooters Cozumel may not qualify as the most elegant restaurant in town but it is a fun place to eat and "tastefully tacky"! This most famous eatery opened up on June 16th, 2013.

To find out more about Hooters and to see a virtual tour video that was taken when it first opened for business, just click on the picture to the right!

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