Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel airfares, Cozumel airlines, charters and tips.

Cozumel airfares, charters, airlines and travel tips that will save you money!

Attention Canadian Flyers! Westjet is offering great airfares from Canada to Cozumel. For more information check out Westjet.

The dollar is trading against the peso at almost 13 pesos to the dollar. This amounts to about a 30% savings on every day expences! For this reason along there has never been a better time to take a much needed vacation to Cozumel! Of course it is always important to know how to shop for the best value in airfares. And that is the reason that I wrote this web site a long time ago.

There are many options for airlines that service Cozumel and Cancun (with ground transportation to Cozumel). There are also many price options depending on where you are departing from. We want for you to enjoy your holiday and we know that your vacation dollar is important to you. The more money that we can help you save will insure that you have more disposable dollars to spend on shopping, eating out, day trips and generally doing the things that you are coming here to do. We hope that you will find great Cozumel airfares and the information below very useful. We also look forward to the opportunity of serving you during your next Cozumel vacation. So lets get started...................

Below are a few hints and links that can save you time and money while shopping for your plane tickets to Cozumel:

Cozumel vs. Cancun; which airport do I fly into?

We hear this question all of the time. The answer depends on your budget and how far you are willing to go to save as much as $75.00 USD per person/each way between Cancun and Cozumel. That's right; you can save that much and more by simply flying into Cancun airport (airport code CUN) vs. flying directly into Cozumel (airport code CZM). The best directions to get from Cancun airport to Cozumel can be found here. If you prefer to fly from Cancun to Cozumel you can now fly here using Mayair. Click here to go there.

Many people are also not aware of the difference between booking their flights directly with the airlines compared to booking through a "consolidator". Basically, a flight consolidator will purchase a block of tickets from an airline at a discount and sell them to the general public at something more then the discount they receive. In this way the airline can sell a guaranteed block of tickets and the consolidators with their vast network can sell tickets at a great price. The consumer is the ultimate winner. On your right I have listed some of the most popular consolidators and discounters.

In addition (on the right) I have listed the major airlines that service Cozumel. Generally, if you recognize the airline as servicing your city; it is probably the best place to start. Each airline has a hyperlink that will take you directly to their site.

First let's start with the airfare consolidators:

Now here is a list of the commercial airlines flying into Cozumel:

Charter airlines:

Also, you will see that many of the Cozumel charters such as Funjet, MLT, and Apple Vacations will offer accommodations along with their flights as a package. These accommodations are generally generic hotels. This MIGHT work for you; but if you are looking at Casa Colonial as your Cozumel vacation accommodations; you might consider just going with the airfares. Many of these companies will not tell you that you can buy just the airfare, but all you have to do is ask.

If you are making your reservations well in advance and have time to plan; it might pay to sign up for travelocity in order to take advantage of their "fare watch" services. You can sign in and program the destination and ticket price you are looking for and they will notify you by e-mail when the fare is available closest to your request. Here are their web site:

Cozumel airfares for long term planners.

Also, don't forget to check into travelers insurance. The little that it costs to purchase this insurance can save you a lot of time, effort, energy, and money!

Each airline, charter, and consolidator listed on this page are provided by Casa Colonial as a service to our guests. We know that you have options and we hope that you will choose Casa Colonial for your vacation accommodations.