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Tumba Del Caracol.

Tumba del Caracol


Tumba Del Caracol, Cozumel Mexico

Punta Sur marks the southern point of Cozumel and is part of the Parque Punta Sur, a 247 acre ecological park that covers the reefs, beaches, lagoons, and the low forest of the surrounding area.

The Celarain lighthouse (Faro de Celarain) sits on the Punta Sur promontory (Punta Celarain) and is part of a nautical museum. Just northeast of it is the Caracol (Tumba del Caracol), a Mayan site dedicated to Ixchel that also announced hurricanes through a whistle effect and was used to send signals to the mainland. The structure was built during the post classic period and was built with a dome that was covered in marine shells so that the breeze gave it a special humming sound. It was also built as a special place to advise the local people of the intensity of the wind (one of the first hurricane warning systems). It is located in the cape juxtaposed on the island to that of Punta Molas to the extreme northeast.

Some of the sandy beaches are protected to allow hatching for sea turtles. It also serves to protect the beaches, lagoons, low lying jungle, mangrove swamps, and the coral reefs that surround the area. The total area is approximately 1 square kilometer. Observation towers have been erected at the Columbia lagoon to watch wildlife. Off Punta Sur is the Devil's Throat scuba area, while in the closer reef visitors can snorkel. The area is accessible to off-road vehicles.

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