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More things to do in Cozumel.

Swim with the Dolphins:

Perhaps riding dolphins is more your speed. Well thanks to "progress" we now have a special place where you can do that! These amazing creatures will perform special tricks for you and you can interact with them as well! The dolphin encounter programs are located in Chankanaab park, which is located on the southwest side of the island. The park has a  beach, replica of a Mayan village, lagoon, and a tropical forest with iguanas the size of small dragons!

It's a great place to spend a day. You can even learn something about the old Mayan way of life. To make it happen just ckick on the picture to the right.

How would you like to swim and interact with Flipper?

Cozumel Deep Sea Fishing at its finest!

Deep Sea Fishing:

So instead of swimming with Dolphin you want to catch them and eat them?! Shame on you! Actually we don't eat flipper but we do like his counterpart with the same name. Dolphin (fish), Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna and SHARK are just some of the fish caught in our waters!

Cozumel Concierge can handle the logistics for you.




You in the mood for some action on the water? You can rent a wave runner on just about any beach on the Southwest side (leeward side) of the island. For more information on Cozumel's many beautiful beaches as well as the beaches location in relation to town; just click on the sun icon and you will go to our "Cozumel Beaches; an interactive map" web site.

Waverunners are one of the great things to do on Cozumel.!
Bring the mosquito repellent.

Mayan ruins:

The Mayan civilization is ancient and full of mysteries. Many ruins have been discovered here on Cozumel and there are still many more which have yet to be uncovered. A walk through the Jungle (with a guide and insect repellent) can be a lot of fun and full of discovery. Birders love it too!

Day trip anyone?

After trekking through the jungle looking at Ruins, it can get really hot. The first thing that you think about is having a cold one. For some its a Pepsi, for others like my buddy Alan (right) it's a few too many Cervesas. In this picture we took a day trip to Playa del Carmen which is a short ferry ride across to the mainland. There we were able to just lay on the beach, watch the girls, I mean world go by and recover from our hectic schedule of fun!

Day trips to the mainland are fun and easy.

Sorry, you can't stand there anymore!

A long way to the top but worth it.

O.K. so Alan recovers fast!

It's just one of the benefits of youth! We decided that since we were already on the mainland we would just go ahead and take the long trek to Chichen Itza. It is well worth the time to see these magnificent ruins. The history and culture of this very advanced civilization will amaze you. Even though you will not be able to see everything in one day, you can certainly catch the highlights! Guides are available to fast track you or you can just get a guide book and read about everything as you go. I prefer the self-guided tour. In my opinion this is the best day trip you can take if you want to see some outrageous Mayan Ruins.

Back to Cozumel and SCUBA:

A things-to-do list about Cozumel would not be complete without mentioning SCUBA diving! Our Coral reefs are among the best in the world and we are proud of our crystal clear waters and fine white sand beaches. My personal favorite reefs are Columbia, Punta Sur, Palancar Caves, and Columbia Shallows.

My favorite Cozumel reef is Punta Sur.
Best snorkel spot is in front of Club del Sol


Perhaps you would rather stay on top of the water! You can still see plenty of sea creatures by snorkeling just offshore Cozumels' beaches. There is a great patch reef just off of Club Del Sols' beach located just past El Presidente hotel!

Time to dry off?

Try parasailing! It's fun and its safe. If you've never tried this before you are in for a real thrill. The peace and serenity is extremely relaxing and at the same time exhilarating You can just about see the whole Island from up there. Don't worry about fish thinking you are kite bait: they reel you right back to the boat where there is a platform waiting and friends cheering you on!

Birds eye view of Cozumel!
Cozumel's last frontier!

See what I mean about friends cheering you on?

Seriously, this picture was taken at my good friends bar Mezcalitos. It's on the other side of the island and is a great pit stop when taking a ride around the island. There are also other watering holes along the way so you don't have to worry about dying of thirst! Riding around the island is one of my favorite things to do.

Maybe sailing is more your style.

Charter sail boats are available for very reasonable prices. A day of sailing will make you forget about everything else! If that doesn't do it then it's time for therapy!

Capt. Dan owns Cozumel Sailing.
Gratuitous Cozumel beach shot from a cave that no longer exists below Coconuts!............. Sad to say that the sand cave is gone, but the photo lives on!
Cozumel Massage is a vacation favorite!

Massage anyone?

Just imagine ..... You're lying in a warm, quiet, serene Cozumel Island setting. There is soft music playing in the background and you have nothing to do for an entire hour or longer except relax and experience the therapeutic healing of massage. Go ahead and release the aches and pains of the everyday world from your body! Now that's what I call a great vacation!

Time for dinner:

What better way to end the day then a great adventure with the pirates of the Mexican Caribbean! This famous sunset cruise is both entertaining and a great lobster dinner at the same time! You can eat a romantic dinner, have your favorite drink and just get into the fun and adventure of the pirate show. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be on the deck of a Spanish Galion leading the pirates life, this is definitely a must!

Best sunset cruise!
Lobster anyone?

Maybe you'd rather eat your lobster on land!

I remember when Cozumel was a sleepy little fishing village. If your looking for a restaurant that will take you back in time, "The Lobster House" is the one! If your really nice I can even arrange to get you a VIP pass! Seriously, all they sell is Lobster and they have been doing it since 1983! Fernando isn't just a lucky man; they just make the best lobster dinners in town!

Well, as you can see there is no shortage of things to do on your Cozumel vacation. In fact I didn't even get into a lot of other activities that are available. You'll just have to find out for yourself! Coming to Cozumel Island is truly a vacation in Paradise!

Casa Colonial:

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I hope that your vacation to Cozumel is everything and more then you ever imagined, and I hope that you will consider Casa Colonial as your Cozumel vacation rental!

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