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Cozumel Mexico has a "wild side"!  

Cozumel Mexico has a"Wild Side" (part II)

Cozumel Mexico and its "Wild Side"!

This is the second part of a two part series that documents the "Other side of the Island".

In this feature we travel the route driven by taking the transversal (road going east/west from the Gasoline station on Benito Juarez and 30th avenue). For those of you who would rather see it visually I have shown you the course we took on the map to your left. Lets just say that the sausage mobile will show you the way.

Since this is a new concept (for the entire island) we have been working on the software and interface with a High Definition set of gadgets, from hardware to software. I'm even having some problems with the learning curve! However, as we improve our skills you will still see the island in a way that Cozumel Mexico has never been conveyed. You don't have to look at fuzzy stationary web cams, or extremely fuzzy video cam footage. As our techniques improve so will the quality of our broadcasts. Our high definition video camera has features we have never even used yet! So stay in touch and grow with us as we explore Cozumel Mexico together!

Today we start at the pirate statue located at the end of the transversal road, just to the south of Mezcalito's. The picture is a little bit fuzzy because we got a lot of sea spray on the lens while shooting on the other side; I've learned how to clean it since then!

You will also see the much newer restaurant that was built a few years ago, as well as shops located at the end of the transversal road. Afterwards we hit every sight between Mezcalito's and Coconuts; the highest point on the island.

What a lot of people don't know is that there was a large sand cave under Coconuts where we used to hang out and watch the moon rise It was always a breathtaking sight. Well, it caved in around a year ago. If you look at the footage near the end of the Coconuts section of the video you can actually see the large boulders that are the remains of the collapsed cave. Too bad I couldn't have shown you what it looked like.

These films are actually very self explanatory; this explanation is from behind the scenes. Simply press the play button on the movie below and you will see footage that was taken April 25st, 2009. We are currently working on a feature of Passion Island which should be ready sometime next week. After that we will explore the Leeward side (where all the popular beach clubs are), so stay tuned if you want to see the latest videos available in the high definition streaming video format. The Original Roving Reporter will show you Cozumel from every aspect of the island.

We hope that you have the best vacation the next time you come to our little slice of paradise, and remember; the island is a resort island and is 1,200 miles away from the Border of Mexico. So for those of you that still wonder if every inch of Mexico is one big cartel war; I can assure you that Cozumel is simply a paradise like no other. We have never had an incident here with cartel violence or any cases of "H1N1".

The island is as, beautiful, and peaceful as ever. So come and enjoy mother nature at her finest! 

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