Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide
Cozumel Mexico has a "wild side"!  

Cozumel Mexico has a"Wild Side"!

Cozumel Mexico is seen by most visitors as the water front promenade where they can shop for jewelry and Mexican handicrafts; especially if they are here on a cruise. This is primarily because the town of San Miguel has grown to a point where there just isn't enough time to do everything. Also the vast majority of the commercial "beach clubs" are located on the Leeward side of the island. However, if you are a local, you know that one of the best kept secrets is taking a drive to the "other side of the island"! 

Today's Roving Reporter takes you on a journey half way up the other side; from the south end (Playa Bush aka The Rasta Bar), to El Galeón's Cozumel Mexico seafood restaurant (Now called "El Diablo"). The film you will see below is mother nature at her finest. Everything from GREAT seafood, to natural bridges, tide pools, to "blow holes" can be seen in all of their glory. Although Cozumel is only 28 miles long and 10 miles wide; it is teaming with beautiful natural wonders, as well as one of the most amazing reef systems in the western hemisphere.

When Jacques-Yves Cousteau first put Cozumel Mexico on the map he was fascinated by the annual migration of the sea turtles. But what many have forgotten is that the turtles have been coming to Cozumel for millions of years to lay their eggs and they STILL come annually to this day. This is because the "wild side" is still unspoiled. There is no electricity, municipal water or anything, other than a few "Palapa" bars and restaurants. And the rest is coral rock, the Mexican Caribbean, surf and sun.

If you are looking for a most memorable way to spend at least one day of your vacation on Cozumel Mexico, you really should visit the windward or wild side of the island. And for those of you who would like to take a sneak preview of what it looks like, you've come to the right place!

Below you will find High Definition video of Cozumel's windward side; showing you what it looks like and feels like. You can always get a sense of what it is about by looking at photographs but here you will see a first hand look from the inside!

Simply press on the play button below and you will see film that was taken with the latest High Definition technology and compressed into a streaming video. If you are on a slow speed modem it will not work as well as if you have DSL or a high speed internet connection.

I hope that you enjoy the movie and wish you the best vacation ever!

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