Spyro Gyra, International Jazz Concert, 2009, Playa Del Carmen

Cozumel Mexico Meets Playa Mamita.

Cozumel Mexico is a hop, skip, and a ferry ride to Playa del Carmen. When you live on Cozumel the days just seem to blend together. The laid back feel of the island has a way of calming a person down to the point where time almost stands still. This is the perfect equation for anyone who wants to make the most of their vacation time.

However, when you live here all the time it is always a good idea to get off "the rock" once in a while. That is why they invented Playa del Carmen! Its a great way to spend the day without making it a permanent part of a peaceful holiday.

Cozumel Mexico is only a ferry ride to Playa del CarmenEach year around Thanksgiving, Playa Mamita has a jazz festival. This year was no exception. It lasted for 5 days and featured some of the best jazz musicians in the world. I had a particular group that I've seen in several venues; but this time I made the trip to Playa del Carmen to take some video of Spyro Gyra!

The day was picture perfect and there was a cool ocean breeze which made the temperature perfect for an outdoor concert. There wasn't a cover charge because the tourism board and other associations pitched in to cover the tremendous cost to put on the show. Between the stage, lighting, sound system, special effects, and artists; it was the perfect day trip.

Such names as Gino Vannelli, Colin Hunter, The Royal Band, Enrique Nery, Pat Martino, Al Jarreau, and Herbie Hancock were just some of the greats that graced the stage during this annual extravaganza.

Whether you are a jazz aficionado or simply want to spice up your otherwise relaxing days on Cozumel; this was a great distraction by any measure.

Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66The next time that you find yourself "chillin" on Cozumel and want to have a day of adventure just get on the ferry and head off to the mainland. Even though the annual jazz festival may not fit into your vacation dates, you can always take any number of day trip adventures from Cozumel. Its central location in relation to the Mayan Riviera makes it the perfect spot to set up as your headquarters before heading off to do whatever suits you.

Carnival 2016 is right around the corner as well, so make sure to mark your calendar for this years event. We also just finished hosting Ironman 2009 and will be hosting it for the next 4 years. So as you can see; there is always something to do when you come to our little piece of paradise. And don't forget the sun block!

I hope that you will enjoy the show! Simply put your cursor on the bottom part of the screen below and press on the play button. If you have a stereo hooked up to your computer make sure to turn it on. The sights and sounds of Spyro Gyra will most assuredly entertain you.

It is my pleasure to bring this most unique event to you and I hope that you will come to our little piece of paradise on your next vacation!

Warm Regards,
Bob Rodriguez

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