Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Beaches; Playa Xhanan

Cozumel Beaches off the beaten path.

Castillo del Ray is the best ruin on our Cozumel Beaches.

Playa Xhanan is one of the most fascinating of all Cozumel beaches and also one of the most remote.

It is home to Castillo Del Rey which is a fully intact Mayan Ruin that has a rich history here on Cozumel.

Playa Xhanan is a great spot to spear fish for everything from Lobster to Ocean Trigger fish, but beware; this area is not for the novice diver. There are dangerous rip currents and sharks come around when you are spear fishing. These Cozumel Beaches should be used only to sight see.
Cozumel beaches with rip tides.
Sharp coral on these Cozumel Beaches.
The vast majority of people who come to these Cozumel beaches are locals with 4 wheel drive vehicles or tourists that come out on one of the "Wild Tours" (ATV's). Also be aware; rental car companies disarm the four wheel drive function and have a clause in the contract that allows them to deduct something like $250.00 if you get stuck out here. And if you come without four wheel drive you WILL get stuck!
Even if the beach is not user friendly (because it is mostly sharp coral rock); if you can find a local that has a four wheel drive car (in good shape) you really should see this beach and explore the Castillo del Rey. It is definitely the most fascinating of all Cozumel Beaches. It is the only beach that I know of on Cozumel with a fully intact Mayan Ruin on it. And it is by far the largest one.
Please don't climb on the Mayan Ruin walls.
aches with history.

You can actually go inside of this ruin and see that there are two chambers. Make sure to bring plenty of food and drinks out here because you will not find a concession stand that will serve you! It also takes around three hours each way.

But if you want to see something really special and experience a side of Cozumel beaches that few visitors see; This is the place for you! Explore Cozumel Island, Mexico!

Cozumel Island, Mexico

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