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Mezcalitos bar and grill

Cozumel Beaches in review; Mezcalitos

Cozumel beaches in review; Mezcalito
Cozumel's legendary Mezcalitos is located on Playa Oriente. They have been here since 1983. Longer then any other beach bar and restaurant on the "other side of the island". Mezcalitos is know for many things but, between the ring toss game, the great Fajitas, and the killer Margaritas (have a designated driver), this place is fun eating, and drinking!

Although it is not seen in the photo on the right; there are a whole bunch of brand new hammocks below a trellis that have just been put in. Cozumel beaches with lots of hammocks! What more do you have to say? They are a perfect way to day dream your time away. Relax and enjoy the surf and maybe even play a game of ring toss!

Mezcalitos beach is located on the windward side
This boat washed up on shore with Cuban immigrants
Boats have even come ashore on this beach brining Cuban immigrants desperate to leave Cuba. The actual boat in this picture came ashore with 9 Cubans trying to get to Cancun from Cuba. They missed their mark but still came to Mezcalitos! Not bad luck landing on one of our Cozumel Beaches!

If you want to know more about Playa Orientes oldest establishment. and one of my favorite Cozumel Beaches, see Mezcalitos web site here.

One of Cozumel's first beach clubs

Mezcalitos is one of the original pioneers of the Cozumel Beach Clubs on the other side of the island. There is swimming but you have to watch out for rip tides. Located on the windward side of the island; Mezcalitos Bar and Grill offers beer, mixed drinks (killer Margaritas) and has great hamburgers, and nachos to.

The service is also above average. In general you shouldn't be in a hurry if you come to Cozumel anyway. Enjoy your vacation and check out the links below for more vacation tips and ideas.

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