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Cozumel Beaches for fun in the sun: Carlos' n Charlie's Beach Club is a not just Cozumel's newest beach, but it has a long legacy of a sense of humor that has made it "World Famoso"!

Carlos' n Charlie's has been around Cozumel since it was a sleepy little fishing village. It was on the second floor of an old building on the water front and at least a couple of times a year it would go through some kind of renovation. But the theme was, and always will be the same; flip, upbeat, lively, and fresh! This beach club may not be as good as the old Carlos' n Charlie's downtown but what the heck.

Cozumel beaches for fun in the sun!
Relax in the natural beauty of this pristine setting.

One of the great distinctions with this new beach club is that it is the only bar and restaurant in the Carlos' n Charlie's chain that is actually on the sand!

The menu is not as extensive as the menu at the new Punta Langosta location but they've taken the best of the menu and relocated it to this paradise island location.

The look is Gilligan's Island gone wild! It is just what you would come to expect from this restaurant and bar chain born of two men who decided to do something different and slightly off beat. It is good to see that the new generation of Carlos' n Charlie's management is continuing the legacy.

Cozumel's newest beach.

Cozumel's newest beach.

While the beach seating which is (not pictured on this web site), is laid back; the interior restaurant is as raucous as you want to be. There is a small deck nearest to the beach that has a view of everything and it is ground zero as far as the music and shenanigans is concerned. But if you want to get a good seat you'll need to be here sometime well before 12:00. Heck, if you get here well before 12 you may not even care about the seating!

When you come to Cozumel for your next vacation, make sure to stop by Carlos' n Charlie's Beach Club. And if you see Greg Therrien (the manager); tell him that Bob Rodriguez from sent you!

We hope that you have the best vacation ever on Cozumel Island Mexico!

Hours of operation and fun are from 10am till 5pm, seven days a week (except Sunday's when they open at 11 because everyone is too hung over to come in early after Saturday!)...............

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