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Passion Island Jeep Tour  

Cozumel Mexico; Passion Island Jeep Tour

The Passion Island Jeep Tour is an experience that will surely be one of the highlights of your vacation on Cozumel Mexico! YouThe first thing you see as you step on Passion Island. don't have to take my word for it. Just ask the little boy who is filmed below taking the tour with his parents. In this non-scripted and totally spontaneous feature, we tagged along to find out for ourselves what it would be like to go on this much anticipated adventure. We've been invited by the owners for over a year now and just decided to give it a try.

This incredibly adventurous tour starts in town at your "pick-up point". This location will vary; depending on whether you are arriving on the island by cruise ship or staying in a vacation rental or hotel. The time will also depend on what time your ship gets in. There are also regular pick up times throughout the day (reservation required). Sound confusing? Don't worry, be happy! Cozumel Concierge will be happy to take care of the logistics for you on this end, confirm your reservation, and send you your itinerary. All you have to do is fill out the reservation request form at the bottom of the page and leave the rest to Sarah. She is also featured on the film, and is your personal vacation guide.

Your guide will give you an orientation upon arrival.Once you are greeted, you will be escorted to your jeep and the adventure begins with a ride through town. After leaving town things start to really get wild! Your mini caravan will enter the gates leading to your PRIVATE jungle tour. We had a blast riding our personal jeep through the flora and fauna of Cozumel Mexico. The winding dirt road greeted us with an abundance of sights and sounds around every turn. Each dip in the road was like a mini roller coaster ride, or as Alex our tour guide would say; "like a donkey"! :-)

Right in the middle of the tour we came across one of the best kept secrets of the island. It is a peak into the underground river system known as a "cenote". What many visitors to Cozumel Mexico don't know is that the entire island sits on top of this maze of interconnected under water river systems (fresh water), and was the source of fresh water for the ancient Mayans over 2000 years ago!

You can even keep the kids busy while you relax. Don't worry, there is always a watchful eye out by staff members. Here is a slide show of Passion Island for kids!

After our fun filled and educational adventure we arrive at the dock, board our boat, and motor to our final destination; Passion Island!

Once on the island we are given an orientation and left up to our own devices for a two and a half hour journey through time. The island is pristine, the food and drinks are all inclusive and great, and the activities are plentiful! This tour has something for everyone; and that is not an exaggeration. To get an idea of what to expect I put together the film below. It takes you though the tour from start to finish, and will give you a real feel for what to expect. Instead of still pictures you will go on the actual tour as we did for the first time. Nothing was scripted and what you will see on the film is exactly what we saw! Just press on the play button located on the left side beneath the Mexican flag colors. You might have an adventure finding the button but believe me, it is well worth it.

I hope that you have the best vacation ever during your next visit to Cozumel and enjoy the show!

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