Out and about in Cozumel features: Parque Centro De Interpretacion Ambiental

Around 1987 there was a scandle on Cozumel involving a cenote that is located on 65th street and 31st Ave. According to the story two people were arrested while trying to steal some artifacts from the cenote. For decades after that the area was sealed off and no one was allowed in. Then about a year ago I noticed that crews were working to restore the area where the cenote is located. When it was completed it was obvious that they restored it to it's natural state complete with entry, walkway, seating, and railings. Even after it was finished the site was cordoned off and each time we drove by we waited to see what the city had done. Today July 7th we stopped off and took some pictures. The park is a great way to see what the jungle used to look like when the anchent Mayans lived on Cozumel. It is free and there is no other place quite like it!