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Cozumel Mexico's Municipal Park  

Cozumel Mexico has a brand new Municipal Park.

Cozumel Mexico has been evolving almost daily. If you remember, in front of the "Palacio" there was a soccer field and dilapidated basket ball court for decades. It was seldom used after the new Cozumel sports complex was built just east on 40th Avenue. For 70 years before the political party PAN took over power the government was controlled by PRI.

Anyone who is familiar with the old PRI knows that is was fraught with corruption. This allowed PAN to take the election before last; under the promise that this would change. You might ask what that has to do with the new Municipal park. Well here is my theory:

The PRI party was complacent for years because they thought that they would always be in power. When PAN won the last election it was a rude awakening for them. All of a sudden they were unemployed! Now comes the newest election and PRI wants to have their power back. They win the election promising reform and government "for the people"! And they win back their power! At first I was a bit apprehensive about the new government because I wasn't sure that they would keep their promise.

To my delight and surprise the newly re-elected government came through on their promise (because they don't want to loose again!).

Cozumel Mexico has seen so many improvements in infrastructure, roadways, lighting, boulevards, pedestrian walkways downtown, and many other improvements all over the city.

This brings us to the new Municipal park! It has an abstract large sculpture of a Swallow (because the islands name in Maya literally means "Land of the Swallows"). The new park has modern lighting that is solar and collects energy during the day and illuminates the park at night. There is a large stage that when outfitted with lighting and sound, comes alive with state-of-the-art entertainment. The plaza is large and many people can watch the entertainment. Shaded areas for seating abound. Even an enchanting playground featuring life-sized exotic animals are shaded so the kids can play in comfort.

Best of all, there is a cultural amp theater that is just about finished. When it is they will showcase world class performances with lighting, sound and events that will dazzle its spectators. In front of the Palacio itself are also a series of fountains that seem to just come up from deep under ground and are lit up at night to create a spectacular effect.

The feature film below is the Roving Reporter's latest feature. If you are lucky enough to be here when there is an event happening at the Municipal park I highly recommend that you try to experience it. Below is a video which will give you a sneak preview of the park. Simply press on the play button and the movie will begin. If you want to stop the movie to read the caption or look at something for more time, simply hit the play button again and the movie will pause.

We look forward to the opportunity of having you visit our paradise island and make sure to stay tuned. Our next feature will show you the wilder side of the island and its natural beauty that words and still pictures cannot describe!

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