Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide
Cozumel Mexico's original Roving Reporter: Shows you the new and improved municipal ferry dock, which is the first thing you see when making the crossing from the mainland!  

Cozumel Mexico has a new ferry dock.

Cozumel Mexico is known for many things, but the first impression is always memorable.

For many years visitors who made the crossing from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel saw a one level ferry dock as they disembarked from the mainland. In the 80's, before the new catamarans were used, they even had goats, chickens, and every manner of animals crossing on the old ferry's with them. The boats were rustic, the crossing took three hours (compared to the 45 minutes it takes now) and now these sites are things of the past. These days the car and truck ferry brings these items across. It is now located just south of town by the new lighthouse and dock.

The new and improved municipal dock is now complete. But as of the video below it was still a work in progress.

For veteran visitors the crossing will greet you in a way that Cozumel has never seen before. We think that these improvements were inevitable as the island grows and modernizes. And for that reason this is definitely news worthy.

For a preview of one of Cozumel Mexico's newest additions simply click on the play button below and you will see what it was like just a few months before it was completed.

No matter where you will be staying during your vacation; hotel, vacation rental, or all inclusive resort, everyone will get to see our new and improved municipal pier!, all rights reserved