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Cozumel International Bill Fishing Tournament  

Cozumel Mexico's International Bill Fishing Tournament 2009.

Cozumel is famous for all activities and events pertaining to the Caribbean sea. But one of its most popular events is the annual migration of avid fishermen from around the world that come to the island to participate in the annual International Bill Fishing tournament. This year is no exception. Cozumel's original Roving Reporter will give you a sneak preview of this years commencement.

The turquoise blue azure seas of Cozumel combined with its treasure trove of game fish creates a perfect blend for this most coveted event. The Mayan Riviera Coastal waters are rich with Bill fish and other Game fish such as Dorado (Dolphin Fish), Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin, and King Mackerel. Cozumel is also known as having the second largest barrier reef in the world.

While you are here you should make a point of enjoying the rich living history of the ancient Mayans, a culture whose regional influence is to this day one of its most visited and interesting features. The Mayan culture also plays a prominent roll in local folklore, which can be discovered not only on the mainland but in the ruins of San Gervasio and Cedral.

Here on Cozumel you can witness its arts, cuisine, architecture, and more; first hand! So before or after your Bill Fishing experience, make sure to take in some of our islands many other attractions and activities.

The International Bill Fishing tournament format awards points for each verified billfish release. The minimum weight requirement is 225 pounds for Blue Marlin. All White Marlin and Sailfish are required to be released to ensure that many more fish are available to fight again in future tournaments; as well as for those fishermen interested in partaking of this amazing sport while on vacation. Cozumel's International Bill Fishing Tournament 2009 will start today, May 16th and end tomorrow, Sunday, May 18th. 2009. This is an ideal time when the warm waters of the Gulf Stream attract big game fish to its shores. Fishermen from around the world test their skills in catching the elusive sailfish, billfish, marlin, and others while enjoying the day, their favorite drink or just reeling in "the big one!"

Due to conservation regulations, the tournament is a catch-and-release contest; the winner is the one who tags the most fish. Contact the International Billfish Tournament office for additional regulations, future tournaments, and entry fees. You can also have Cozumel Concierge make all of your logistical planning for your next deep sea fishing experience.

I hope that you enjoy the short film below. It will give you a look at the commencement of today's most special event!

Here is a brief history of the new state of International Bill Fishing Tournaments:

Traditionally, fishing tournaments take place on a confined body of water where a group of participants pursue a common goal and the fishing tournament results are kept within the host community. Technology, mainly the internet, has started a new trend giving fishing tournaments a world wide presence. The internet has enabled fishing tournaments to take place in multiple bodies of water spanning multiple states and even countries. Now anglers who live hundreds of miles apart can participate in the same fishing tournament in pursuit of the same prize while fishing different bodies of water.

Not only are new fishing tournaments being conducted online but now event officials, whose fishing tournaments have been annual events for passed decades, are placing their fishing tournaments online as well. Harnessing the power of the internet, existing fishing tournaments are able to post their results online in real-time plus send out automated cell phone text messages providing participants, friends and family with real time knowledge of tournament leader boards. This advancement has proven very effective in lowering the fish kill in many tournaments as participants no longer have to kill their fish for weigh-in if they already know it won’t be a top contender!

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