Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide
Hooters Cozumel, Mexico  
Cozumel has a new set of "Hooters"!

Hooters Cozumel opened its doors to the public on Monday June 17th, 2013. It is located front and center at the Punta Langosta Mall; sandwitched between Carlos' n Charlies, and Starbucks Coffee.

The restaurant features an open air restaurant with fans throughout. The ocean breeze keeps the air fresh and ambiance lively. As you would expect, the staff is beautiful and the service is outstanding.

Make sure to bring your electronic mobile devices if you like. Hooters has free wi-fi for all its customers. The overstuffed sofa groupings located on the back side of the restaurant is especially comfortable if you come with friends to talk about your vacation and plans.

There are over 20 large flat screen TV located throughout so that you are never at a loss for things to look at!

Hooters is Cozumel's newest Restaurant and Bar
Fully stocked bar and a smile

The bar is fully stocked and the menu is classic Hooters. The chicken wings come in the usual assortment; breaded, "nude", hot, "3 mile island", boneless, and so on.

I recommend the angus beef hamburgers, and the 3 Mile Island chicken wings with the blue cheese dip.

As you walk by Hooters down the main drag or through the mall the girls will welcome you with a smile and seat you while they introduce themselves.

Your personal attendent will write her name down on a post it note and put it on your table so that you will know who to ask for whenever you need service.

Hooters has comfortable exterior seating

Hooters also has some great food!

As you can see from the picture to your left we tried the most popular dishes. Starting with the nachos (far left) and moving clockwise is the "Nacho hamburger", boneless chicken wings, followed by the standard and relyable 3 mile island chicken wings with blue cheese dressing.

Wash it down with your favorite beverage and you will be glad that you came!

The video just below our meal was put together the same date as our meal and the pictures on this web site (June 22nd. 2013).

I hope that it conveys the sense of fun and entertainment we experienced during our visit to Hooters Cozumel!

We look forward to your arrival and hope that you have the best vacation ever! (Your complete vacation guide).