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El Sazón Del Camarón - Cozumel Mexico

El Sazón Del Camarón - friendly staffTaqueria El Sazón Del Camarón is a relatively new restaurant, located on Benito Juarez (the transversal road) right across the street from La Mission Restaurant. The prices range around 20 pesos for the tacos and 38 pesos for the tortas (sandwiches). There is inside and outside seating available on most days (except rainy days). El Sazón Del Camarón comes highly recommended by the locals and is still one of the islands best kept secrets.

They serve almost the same food as the taco stand located across the street from the taxi syndicate downtown but feature more amenities such as Hi Def televisions that feature modern music videos and Wi Fi. They also feature the top selling beers (dos equis, sol, and Tecate).

Their shrimp, fish, and octopus tacos are prepared in a variety of ways. For example:

Starting clockwise starting with 4:30 PM position;

Pulpo Marinara
Caracol Ceviche
Pulpo Ceviche
Camaron Ceviche
Pescado Empanizado
Camarone Empanizado

For a peak at the full menu click here! .

Make sure to try the chipotle sauce too!

If you are looking for a great locals place that features great seafood/fish tacos, El Sazón Del Camarón is for you.

Benito Juarez, between Av. 55 and 60, Cozumel.
Opening hours:
7am to 4 pm, daily (may vary).
Price guide (USD):
Tacos $1-$1.50 each, Tortas $2-$3, Fresh Juice $1.50, Sodas $1.

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