Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide
El Diablo Italian and Mexican Restaurant

Cozumel Beach Restaurant; El Diablo

Cozumel Mexico is known for its white sand beaches; especially on the "other side" of the island. But what many don't know is that each beach has its own personality and each its own specialty. For example; the Freedom in Paradise bar has great ceviche (seafood cooked in lime juice) and fish tacos. Paradise beach (on the leeward side) caters to cruise ship groups and has all the modern beach toys. Chen Rio is a locals beach primarily, and so on. In some cases the beach clubs and owners have changed so many times that it's easy to get confused.
Cozumel Beaches, El Galeon
Now home to El Diablo Restaurant

That is where this beach guide comes in. For those of you who have been here many times; you probably remember Sandra. She used to have the concession at Punta Moreno, then she moved to El Galeón. But now it is known as "El Diablo" (Italian and Mexican restaurant). El Diablo also took the name of Playa San Martin.

For those of you who are visiting Cozumel for the first time. This page will be known as the new Playa San Martin; home of "El Diablo" (Italian and Mexican restaurant). The old road on the other side of the island has been replaced by a new and modern asphalt road complete with guard rails and landscaped medians. There is even a bike path that was built for the annual Ironman tournament. The beach at El Diablo is across the street from the restaurant and it now has a cool Mayan monument in front of it. I took this short video in front of it so you will know what it looks like.

You can make a pit stop here and have your favorite beverage. If you do have a drink the bathroom is free. If you are making a pit stop expect to pay 10 pesos. There are small shops as well to buy Mexican curios.

The short video to the right was taken on January 13th, 2013. Since we didn't eat there I won't be able to give you a description of the food. But sooner than later we will go there to take new pictures as well as enjoy another day in paradise. So check back often to keep up with the latest developments on our constantly evolving beach scene!

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