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Beach map below.


Beach map below.

Cozumel pictures; here are a few more of my favorite pictures for your enjoyment. I am certain that you will find that they represents a broad cross section of our island.
Downtown Flag
Anyone who has been to downtown knows this site. It is the largest Mexican Flag on Cozumel and is flanked by two very large eagles (a symbol of strength). The plaza is home to many events; most notably musical events that are put on for the people of Cozumel
More Public art
This beautiful bronze is of a woman that morphs into a conch shell and she lays in the water fountain at the front of the town square. It is one of the most imaginative pieces of public art on the island. This Cozumel picture was taken in around 7:30 in the morning.
blow hole on the windward side of Cozumel
This picture was taken near the Rasta Bar on the windward side of the island. They are formed over millions of years as waves erode the coral rock and make their way to wholes on the top. They are facinating to watch and can only be seen on the "other side" of the island.
Green Heron
Once again Cozumel's natural beauty is everywhere. It is very common to see a Green Heron in the wild but very rarely is it seen as a "back yard bird". This beautiful creature was fishing in our fountain in the front yard and he is an excellent example of natures finest work. He is also a GREAT fisherman!
Cozumel Carnival
The most celebrated tradition on the island has to be Cozumel Carnival. Here is one of my favorite Cozumel pictures taken during Carnival 2008. This guy really put the spirit of Carnival into his face didn't he?
Carlos'N Charlie's Beach Club
Everyone knows Carlos' N Charlie's that has been to Cozumel. But did you know that they now have a beach club? It is located just north of Paradise beach. Cozumel is famous for its beaches and no Cozumel Picture page would be complete without at least a couple of shots of our beaches.

Paradise beach is probably the most famous beach on the island so of course it is a must on this page. They also have a very good selection of beach cloth. Of course!
Sites that are rarely seen while on vacation
Here is a picture that many visitors never get to see. Everywhere you go around town you will find that walls hide what is on the other side. Privacy is a big thing here when it comes to residences but here is a shot of a home that you will not see from the street.
Chankaab National Park, Dolphin Discoery
At Chankanaab National Park you can have a close encounter of the friendly kind! Cozumel Concierge can make it happen!
Dolphin Discovery Sea Lion Encounter.
A new exhibit as of February 2010 is the Sea Lion Show. They are super funny and really enjoy the human interaction.
Cozumel Coral Reef Picture
One of the original reasons why I moved to Cozumel was because of its spectacular diving. Some argue that it is the best diving in the world. I can't say for sure but our coral reef system is certainly one of natures best handiworks.
When it is all said and done, we live on an island. And even though the tourist industry has taken over as the predominant reason why visitors come here, the Mexican Caribbean will still be the most spectacular of all images. I hope that you have enjoyed your pictorial tour and we hope that if you have never been to our fair island; this will help to make up your mind to come!
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