Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Pictures from around the island.



Beach map below.


Beach map below.

Cozumel pictures: here are a few more of my favorite for your enjoyment. If you are just thinking about coming to Cozumel, we hope that these photos will help to make a difference! Most of the images contained in these pages were taken in 2008. However, a few were taken over many years of living here. I know of no other web page on Cozumel that has this cross section of images that represent the essence of Mexico's largest and most popular Island!
Celerain Lighthouse
Here you can climb to the top of the lighthouse located at Punta Sur (the southern most point on the island) and enjoy a fantastic view of the Columbia lagoon. It is also the highest point on the island aside from Coconuts. If you want panoramic Cozumel pictures, this is the place to do it.
Mexican Curios
You see them everywhere and buying souvenirs to take back home is only one reason to shop at them. These huts are simply a slice of Cozumel life!
Public beach
This image might as well represent the "other side of the island" because that is not only where it was taken but most of the island looks just like this (pristine and relatively deserted)!
Natural Jacuzzi
Here is a secret place that most people don't even know about. We found my friend Bob with his new date while I was taking this series of Cozumel pictures. It is a natural Jacuzzi located south of El Mirador
Tierra Del Sol Mariachis
The sights and sounds of Cozumel are probably best characterized by Mexican Mariachi's. These guys are simply the best Mariachi's on the island and their harmonies are sweet and super melodic.
Seafood platter
No group of pictures would be complete without a shot of one of the best seafood platters on the island. This one was taken at Chen Rio. However, El Galión has to be my hands down favorite seafood platter and it is even less expensive then the platter at Chen Rio. Go figure.
La Cocay
If fine dining is more your style then you must have been to La Cocay while visiting the island. If you haven't been here yet you should!
Tumba del Caracole
On the way to Celarain Lighthouse at Punta Sur you can see this very famous monument. It is a 2000 year old early warning system for Hurricanes. When the wind picks up the ruin will sound a whistle! Pretty cleaver isn't it?!

Passion Island
One of the most picturesque places on all of the island has to be Passion island. This Cozumel picture was taken in early 2008. Passion Island has to be one of the best kept secrets on the island today.

The Lobster House

One of our favorite places to eat is The Lobster House. They serve the best lobster on the island! If you go their make sure to tell Fernando that you heard about it on Cozumel and he will give you a discount!

Mayan Mask
This image captures the Mayan imagination which is steeped in ancient traditions. This Mayan mask is just one more example of the richness of this very special culture.

Cuban Refugee Boat near Mezcalito's

Here is an old picture of a boat that came ashore near Mezcalitos on the "other side of the island". It was filled with Cubans who miscalculated the landing spot. They thought that they landed in Cancun! Lucky them!

Wild green Catasetum Orchid
The wild Catasetum Orchid has a symbiotic relationship with a certain species of bee. It can attract this particular bee in order to pollinate and perpetuate the species. Mother Nature is awesome!
To see more images simply click on the picture of Casa Colonial below (I know, it is a shameless plug)!

Picture of Casa Colonial
Cozumel pictures, continued