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Cozumel Pictures from around the island.


Cozumel Pictures

Cozumel pictures are not just for those who have never been to the island. There are many visitors who come and either forget to bring their camera or forget to take that shot that got away! On this web site you will find images from all around the island.

Here you will see pictures of the flora and fauna, people and places that make up our paradise island. At least a sample representation! I'll try to incorporate as many elements as possible to capture the essence or "snapshot" of the Cozumel Island Mexico.

Cozumel pictures

Photos and discriptions

All pictures were taken on Cozumel

Cozumel pictures presents paradise lost.

Here is a Cozumel picture that I believe speaks for itself.
Azure seas, palm trees, sun, palapa huts and oh yes, the girl in the bikini.

Bronze coral reef near the town square.

This bronze sculpture is of a man and a woman SCUBA diving on one of Cozumel's most guarded treasures; its coral reefs! It is located just north of the fiscal pier downtown.

Just another beautiful day in Paradise.

Everyone knows that palm trees are everywhere. No web site about Cozumel pictures would be complete without a stand alone picture of our favorite flora.

Emerald Green Iguana

This Emerald Green Iguana used to come over the wall at our house every day around 1:00 sharp. You could almost set your watch by it. They love the hibiscus flower and will climb on the bush and feast. You will see these magnificent creatures all over the island. They are wild and not very fond of people. If you want to enjoy their exotic beauty this is definitely the right place.

This picture is of a Cuatamundi.

This baby Cuatamundi (aka Pesote) is a close relative to the raccoon and is native to Cozumel. This particular Pesote is a pet and was raised as a baby by Susana who is the proprietor of El Galion Beach Restaurant on the other side of the island.

Photo of native in costume

If you have ever been to the town square during the day you probably have seen the dancers in their ancient Mayan garb, dancing and entertaining tourists. Remember, if you take their picture you will capture their soul!

The natives are friendly

I love this picture because it pre-dates Western Union! It was taken during a day trip to Xcaret. These natives also perform at Chankanaab national park on a regular basis.

Traditional Mayan Dress

About 25 years ago it was very common to see old Mayan women dressing in their native Mayan dress (shown predominantly on the left). However, these days you will most likely see this in a folkloric dance show.

kannab Park Iguana

Iguanas on the island come in all colors and sizes. Mostly you will see the gray and black striped ones. But my favorite are the green, orange and also the green/orange variety. Some of the locals will tell you that they all taste like chicken. Ouch!

Lobster Claw Haliconia
No series of images would be complete without showing you one of the most exotic plants on the island. They are Lobster Claw heliconias. Although they are a rare site to see on Cozumel.

Coconut's Cave; this picture was taken before it fell down.

Several years ago the sand cave that was located directly below Coconuts was the best kept secret on Cozumel. We used to go there on a full moon to party, sit around, and talk. The cave finally caved in but the full moon parties are alive and well!


El Cedral houses

El Cedral is primarily known as the location for the annual "El Cedral Festival". But aside from being the only town located in the middle of the island; it has a charm all its own as see by this picture of an old house facade.

To continue your pictoral tour of Cozumel Mexico simply click on the picture of Casa Colonial below.

Cozumel Pictures continued

Cozumel pictures, continued

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