Cozumel, Mexico vacation guide

Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel Mexico has a Tuesday night event now!

Cozumel Mexico has a live music venue, bar, and night club, on the beach, and in town? Did someone just dream this up or is this for real?! Well actually it was the invention of a couple of old Cozumel pros that wanted to have something to do on their night off!

Yes, you heard that right. Until now you had several choices of live music, but they all came in the same basic flavors; Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights. That's great if you have all the time in the world and there are no other things to do around the island.

But when you have an average of seven nights, not counting the night you get here after traveling all day, or the night before you have to get up early enough to get all of your personal belongings together to take that long trek back home!

At this point you want alternatives! Well now you have one. Grant and Mike Slaughter (of the French Quarter) were talking one boring Tuesday night. Grant was an entertainer on the cruise ships for MANY years, and Mike was just plain bored. :-) Mike asked Grant if he could dust off his Elvis style sequin jacket and sound equipment and put on a show for him. Grant reluctantly (sure) got up to do his thing and a star was born, once again. But this time something unexpected happened! All of a sudden one of the best tenor sax players on the island brought his sax in and started to play. Then one of the best singers that just finished her contract with the Hard Rock Cafe came forward.

Cozumel poolside and swimup bar
Just part of the sights and sounds of the No Name

The next thing you know the head of entertainment for Carnival Cruise lines said that they had a killer Jazz band on shore and would he mind if they came on and "jammed"! Only on Cozumel Mexico could you ever hope to have such a confluence of ideas and players from all over the globe.

Before you could say "Jumpin Jehosafats" the place was totally packed and you had the absolute best Tuesday night music the island has EVER seen! Aside from their famous beautiful waitresses and incredible beach atmosphere not found anywhere else downtown; you have this vivacious variety of talent! Now that's entertainment.


The Tuesday I was there taking the pictures on this web site, Grant had his computer hooked up to his excellent and clean sound system when "Jenny" came up and belted out a true to form and surprisingly credible rendition of Janice Joplin's "take another little piece of my heart". I wasn't there for the Jazz Band but heard from a very reliable source; that this is definitely the place to be if you want to be entertained on that all too famous "there's nothing to do around here on Tuesday night" night!

Relax and gete into the Zen aspects of enjoyment.

I hope that you enjoyed your tour of the No Name. Also make sure to tell him that Bob sent you and that he should give you a drink on my tab!!!

For more pictures of the No Name Bar just click here to view the slideshow.

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