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Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling!Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling! Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling! Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling!

Cozumel Snorkeling and Beach Party experience.


Cozumel snorkeling experienceCozumel Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean has never been more fun.

I recently went on a ride with the "Beach Party Excursion" during my Cozumel Vacation ); and this is the story of my experience!

The first thing we did was check in. If you are staying in the North hotel Zone or if you are coming from Playa Del Carmen you can board at 10:00 on the dock downtown and justlunch is included with your excursion check in while on the Catamaran. Otherwise you can just go to their office between Casa del Mar and Sol Caribe (south of town) and check in at 10:30.

After checking in at the office we immediately boarded the "Cozumel Explorer". As you board, the friendly crew will give you all the equipment you will need for a day of Cozumel Snorkeling and activities!

As we went sailing toward our destination, everyone was given instructions on the proper use of the safety equipment, procedures, where the bathrooms are, and how to safely enter and exit the boat into the water.

Ready to jump in?I especially noticed how professional the crew and staff were.

Then it's time to jump in and "get wet"!! Get ready for a day filled with activities.

The experience made me feel like a kid again!

Our first dive was Chankanaab South. The water was much clearer then in the state park because the currents keep this part of the reef clear. While we drifted and watched the multi-colored coral reef fish the boat captain and crew kept a careful watch over us and moved the Cozumel Explorer as we drifted along.

After our first stop the boat sailed away for our second destination. This time we went to Columbia shallows. It was even more awesome then our first dive!snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding Cozumel

Just when I thought the party was over; I found out that our party hadn't even begun!

After everyone was safe and sound back on the Explorer, and we were finished with our day of snorkeling, the crew broke out the beer and Margaritas! We then sailed to our very own private beach. So we could start our Cozumel beach party!

I feel like a kid againVolley Ball anyone?

Maybe you feel like eating. We'll, I also found out where the original Cheeseburger in Paradise came from! The burger was delicious; Black Angus beef that came with a side order of great potato salad and other goodies!

Since we had an hour to eat and play on the beach it was easy to see how the time would fly by.....Cozumel Beach vollyball.

You Can go Kayaking, use the floats in the water, lay around in the hammocks, Play volleyball, or drink more Margaritas!

After our action packed day of diving and partying it was time to go back on board our boat. I really liked the way that the ladder comes right down into the water and you just step right back on board. There was a crew member to help some of us in. I think it was something to do about the Margaritas!

Water toys are available on the BeachOnce safely back on board we set sail for our home port, but the party was still alive a well! A bunch of us went to the front of the boat while the crew led everyone in a line dance. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it but I think that the rhythm of the music must have inspired me. They also have great sound systems on their boats so be prepared to get a little bit frisky!

Just before we pulled into the dock the boat supervisor gave everyone a final farewell speech that was filled with humor. It was also a great way to wind down from a fun filled day of Cozumel snorkeling and beach partying.


After all was said and done I could still remember the genuine smile that I brought home from my experience!

Boarding is easy The crew is friendly Work off some of that food!

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