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The experience of Cozumel Snorkeling

  • Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling!Discover the world below the waters!
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Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling! Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling! Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling! Enjoy Cozumel Snorkeling!

Cozumel snorkeling, sailing, and Beach Party!


Cozumel snorkelingCozumel snorkeling in the calm, crystal blue waters off Cozumel Island Mexico are filled with stunning coral formations and a spectacular array of colorful marine life. Many of Cozumel's pristine shorelines are edged with fabulous white powder sand beaches. The marine life in the waters afford the best snorkeling imaginable.

Pick up points will very depending on how you will arrive on the island. We will arrange the logistics for you in advance and send you a detailed itinerary, so no need to worry about the details now.

Once you are on board, your friendly crew will provide you with all the equipment necessary and professional instruction. Throughout the scenic sail to your Cozumel snorkeling site, the crew will serve complimentary soft drinks. Upon arrival at the site you will enjoy a guided tour of this extraordinary marine environment.Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

If you choose to go on the "Beach party excursion", ice cold beer and zesty margaritas will be served after your Cozumel adventure, while the captain and his crew maneuver to their private beach. Your beach party is complete with relaxing hammocks in the shade, complimentary beach floats, kayaks, volleyball games, and of course a bar stocked with more ice cold beer and margaritas.

If you choose the "3 reef Adventure excursion with lunch", you will spend 6 hours discovering the underwater realm, as you snorkel through schools of colorful tropical fish, pairing angelfish, and stoplight parrotfish. After your encounter with our ocean wildlife, the crew will be serving complimentary icy cold beer, purified water and sodas while you cruise along the west coast of of the island. Beverages will continue to be served for the return voyage.

Two Reefs "Beach party excursion".

Tropical fish will surround and amaze you.If your preference is to go on the Two Reefs Cozumel Snorkeling and Beach Party excursion the tour is currently a combination of snorkeling above Palancar Reef and Chankanab reef. After your adventure it's a short trip to the beach party where you will have the use of all the water toys along with complimentary ice cold beer, margaritas, bottled water and soft drinks. Hamburgers with a nice pasta salad will also be served.

If you are on a cruse ship your time schedule will most likely not work at the "publics pricing". Cruise ship passengers are usually re-directed to the higher pricing. Also the amount of passengers which arrive on cruise ships can reach a maximum capacity of 60 snorkelers.Large group snorkeling tour.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship and are looking for an alternative in price and in the amount of people that will be in the water with you at the same time this is the excursion for you. 

No matter which snorkeling adventure you choose, remember that the reef systems are the same even if the boats and the maximum numbers of people are different.

Our goal is to give you the options so that you can experience Cozumel spectacular reef system in a way that is best suited to your particular style. Below is the reservation button!

If you have additional questions there is also contact information on the reservation page.


Private Charters available for any occasion.

Snorkeling reservations

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