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Cozumel Shopping on 30th Ave. Cozumel Shopping on 30th Ave. Cozumel Shopping on 30th Ave. Cozumel Shopping on 30th Ave. Cozumel Shopping on 30th Ave.




Cozumel Shopping on 30th Avenue, continued.

As we continue south on 30th avenue we will pick up from where we left off on the first page ("El Pique") and head south along 30th. From this point we will start off with something that is very popular here on Cozumel; the pharmacy.

If you landed on this page first then you must have been looking for something in particular. You will most likely find it below. However, if you would like to see the first page of this series, here are the first places on our list of Cozumel shopping on 30th Avenue.

One stop shopping; doctor and pharmacy.

Pharmacy "Similares" is located between 2nd and Benito Juarez (where the gas station "Pemex" is).

It carries mainly generic RX's and offers discounts on Monday and Thursdays.

You won't be able to miss it because most of the day there is a man dressed in a costume (a caricature of a pharmacist) who dances wildly in front of the store and beckons your business. He is very entertaining!

The pharmacy is open 24 hours/7 days a week.

Blockbuster is located on Benito Juarez at the La Golondrina shopping center (around the corner from the new Super Aki). The gas station sits in front of it.

When renting DVD's, keep in mind that some of these are Mexican DVD's, and your DVD player may be American. Therefore it is best to look for the movies that show 1/3 on the front. This means it works on both Mexican and American DVD players.

Cozumel Shopping for video entertainment.
Casa de Cambio or Money Exchange

The money exchange is located between Benito Juarez and Calle 1 (1st St.).

This is the Island's most popular money exchange house. USD, Canadian, Euro and Sterling are traded here. Some banks on the Island do not do currency exchange, so this is really convenient.

Interceramic tile store is located at the corner of Benito Juarez. The Money Exchange is next door on the right side, and the gas station is on the corner across the street.

Interceramic offers a wide variety of Mexican manufactured direct tiles through their catalogue sales room here. Since this is one of Mexico's largest tile manufacturers/distributors; they can in some cases ship tiles to your home cheaper than you could by purchasing them back home.

Interceramic tile store and Kohler distributor
Pemex Gas station with an Oxxo convenience store adjacent

The Pemex gas station is located on Benito Juarez.

If you are a tourist here, be sure that the pump is on zero before the attendant starts to pump, so you do not pay for another customer's gas. Receipts are now given to the customer for each transaction. This is a new practice. Pemex is a full service station that pumps your gas (in Liters, not gallons), checks your tire pressure, and oil if you ask. Be sure to tip the attendant as this is customary here. The normal tip is 10 pesos for gas filling and service.

La Sirenita; Tacos and Tortas (sandwiches) is located on Calle 1 (1st street)

The restaurant specializes in seafood tacos, and one can stuff themselves inexpensively. But what they are best known for is the fresh squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice. It runs about $2.25 USD per liter and is sweet and delicious.

Tacos, Sandwitches, and especially fresh squeezed juices.

The Burger King Center has several Cozumel Shops

Great place to have coffee or cappuccino

Burger King Center is located between Rosada Salas and Juarez.

This is a newer Burger King and has flat screen TV's as well as a children's playing section to keep the kids and parents entertained while eating.

Also behind BK is a shopping center that houses another bank (Banamex) as well as the Italian Coffee Company.

The Italian Coffee Company (pictured left) is a great place to sit and have delicious cup of coffee or a cappuccino and desert in air conditioned comfort. They also make a very good grilled sandwich. It is a little bit pricey but popular with the more affluent locals. The seating is extra comfortable inside. and there is plenty of parking in front.

Domino's pizza is located on the corner of Adolfo Rosado Salas.

A large pepperoni pizza is about $110 pesos. It's fairly priced and delivered for free. The 30 minute rule applies here too! The local phone number is posted in front. Dial 872-1635. The picture shown here is of the newly remodeled Domino's. It was taken November 2015.

American style pizza anyone? Dominos!
Sushi on Cozumel Mexico!

Sushi & Breakfast restaurante - bar is located on 30th just south of Miguel Hidalgo (across the street from Oxxo).

This is the newest sushi restaurant since Maduri opened its new location downtown. The atmosphere is warm and the outside seating area is idea for those tropical nights. There is a sushi bar and they even sell some pastries. The interiors are tastefully appointed and the price points are better than Maduri. This is a great place to eat dinner if you are staying in town and want to get a flavor of the local scene.

This concludes our journey down 30th Avenue for now. Make sure to check back often for updates, new photos, and the latest from Cozumel Mexico .net (Your Complete Vacation Guide)!

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