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30th Avenue Shopping 30th Avenue Shopping30th Avenue Shopping 30th Avenue Shopping30th Avenue Shopping




Cozumel Shopping on 30th Avenue

Cozumel Mexico has evolved in many ways over the last 10 years. From the minute you walk off of the ferry you enter the new Municipal pier and are greeted by the new streets and sidewalks that were constructed after Hurricane Wilma. You also have the new Municipal park and performance center in front of the "Palacio" as well as the new shopping mall in front of the international pier where the cruise ships come in.

But nowhere has there been a more subtle but dramatic shift in commerce than 30th Avenue!

As the main street (Melgar) has now been taken over by Mexican curios shops and jewelry stores; the local population needed a new central business district. So 30th Avenue was improved with a landscaped median, curbs, new lighting, and now is home to many new and renovated shops, restaurants, and services that serve not only the local population, but tourists alike. And today it is more active in its renovations than ever before.

On this page we will start from the Airport road and 30th Avenue and work our way South. Addresses, pictures, and descriptions will help to give you all the information that you need to find some of the most relevant places to eat and shop on Cozumel. So without further delay we start with Doña Pili's:

Great Place for breakfast quesadillas

Doña Pili's is located on 30th Ave and 14th street (one block south of the Airport Road.

This very popular breakfast place is a favorite with the locals for many reasons. They create gourmet Mexico City style quesadillas and you get to pick out the ingredients from a large selection behind the plate glass. For those of you who are not familiar with these incredible quesadillas just start with the "pollo Mexicana" and work your way from there.

The green sauce is not very spicy but I highly recommend that you try it with your quesadilla. Soft drinks and "Jamaica" - pronounced "ha-my-ca" (a delicious drink made from the red Hibiscus flower) are available to wash down your meal.

"Los Molcajetes" Restaurant is located directly across the street from Doña Pili's.

They serve breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and the Sunday brunch is the best on the island. Brunch hours are from 8am to 12 pm. It is all you can eat for under 9 dollars US. There are many dishes to choose from and the cooking is traditional Mexican fare. The courtyard is beautiful and rustic. It is covered by a very large "palapa".

A wide variety of brunch entrées.

Sunday Brunch is best of Cozumel Mexico

Oxxo's are located throughout the island.
Oxxo is located on the corner of 30th and 12th street. Oxxo convenience stores are just like a 7/11 and have a wide variety of wine and liquor as well. They are modern and new with clean interiors that you would expect from a first class operator. The coffee and fast food items and snacks can be consumed indoors on a bar with stools located in front of the window.

Bancomer Bank and ATM is located in Plaza Norte on 10th street.

Upstairs there is a fitness gym with full weights and spinning classes. These spinning classes are a real workout so don't forget to bring your water.

And make sure to remember your PIN when using the ATM machines. All major cards are accepted.

Bank and ATM machine
Hand painted Talavera gifts and wood frames

Consorcio Maderas del Caribe is located between 8th and 10th streets.

A carpenter shop is in back but in the front of the store you will find a beautiful collection of hand painted Talavera and wooden frames and carvings that make great gifts for that special someone back home. And the prices are much more reasonable than on the waterfront where most tourists go to shop.

Castel home design is located on the corner of 8th street (remember; all of these shops are located on 30th Ave).

Here you will find a wide selection of custom sinks and fixtures as well as fine stone and finishes. Many of these designs are exclusive and can only be found through this distributor.

If you are building or remodeling a home, this is a great place to find that high end custom fixture that will also be a conversation piece. Packing and shipping is arranged for you. This is a major Mexican distributor and can be trusted to safely ship your items.

Castel home design center.
Shopping for food at the supermarket

Soriana Super Market is located across the street from Castel home design.

It is a fully stocked supermarket with a bakery which specializes in pastry, breads, and home made tortillas.

The Deli section offers fresh home made specialties daily such as ceviche, beat salad, salsas, guacamole, and prepared entree's.

Beer, wine, and liquor is sold as well. But there are dry laws which prohibit the sale of liquor after 3 PM on Sundays.

Carnitas Diaz is located directly across the street from Sorina Super Market.

It is breakfast "carnitas" which are a form of chopped pork served in tacos. The style is uniquely Michoacan Mexico and my favorite is the "surtidos". They are a mixture of many different parts of the pork. Each table comes with a variety of condiments for your particular taste.

Breakfast Carnitas Michoacan Style.
Best Rotisserie chicken on Cozumel

Roticeria El Triunfo (rotisserie chicken) is located on the corner of 4th street.

This is arguably the best rotisserie chicken on the island. It is a savory flavor of slow cooked wood burning rotisserie chicken with their very own special blend of spices not found anywhere else on Cozumel.

People both local and tourists come from all over the island to buy these delicious meals. Each chicken comes with a healthy portion of rice, tortillas, spaghetti, and chili peppers. It is truly mouth watering!

Chicken is ready between 11:45 till 2:45 pm 7 days a week, and costs about 8 dollars US (feeds 3 to four).

Larget selection of liquors, wine, and beer.

Covi Licores

Covi Vinos, Licores y Cervezas is located on the corner of 2nd street (calle 2).

Covi has gone through a major renovation and expansion in part to compete with the new liquor store in town across the street from Margaritaville called Europa.

Covi is by far the most popular liquor store on Cozumel Mexico, and there is an extensive collection of every type of liquor and wine imaginable; including wines imported from Argentina, Chile, and of course California. From domestic to imported, we used to say that "if you can't find it at Covi, you won't find it anywhere else on Cozumel".

But times have changed. Still it does have a very good selection of spirits and wine so if you are in town it is also very convenient and has its own on site parking.

Directly across the street from Covi and on the same side of Ave 30th is Super Aki.

It was the old San Francisco grocery store. As with Covi it is undergoing an extensive renovation. San Francisco was bought out by this national chain and the store was completely gutted and is celebrating its grand opening today June 21st, 2013. It came on line faster than we thought.

The new San Francisco supermarket now Super Aki
Taqueria Diaz

Taqueria Diaz is just a couple doors north of Taqueria El Pique (below). Although not a popular as "El Pique" they make an excellent "Taco's al Pastor"! Take out orders are also very popular here.

Another thing that stands out with Taqueria Diaz is their "Carnitas" on Sunday (around 10:00 am).

Carnitas, literally translated means "little meats," and are a type of braised or roasted pork. They are made using the 'boston butt' or 'picnic ham' cuts of pork.

Super Taqueria El Pique Restaurant is notably Cozumel Island best Taqueria!

At night it is packed and the food is absolutely delicious. An extra added bonus is that the menu items are very inexpensive.

If you want to have a fantastic time, while enjoying classic casual Mexican dinning with great flavors and pricing; this is definitely the place for you.

Best Taqueria in town

As you can see there are many places to shop and eat on 30th Avenue. We will update these pictures as the days and weeks ahead allow us. In the interest of not making this page too long we will split it up and add as we move south along 30th Avenue.

Cozumel Shopping on 30th Avenue Continued

Cozumel street map

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