Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide
  • Chankanaab Beach Adventure ParkCozumel's number 1 attraction.
  • Cozumel MuseumDiscover the Island's history.
  • Cozumel MuseumPermanent and temporary Exhibits
  • Cozumel Museum
  • Cozumel Museum
  • Punta Sur Celerain Lighthouse Museum
  • San Gervacio ruinsCozumel largest archeological site
Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park1 Cozumel Museum Cozumel Museum Cozumel Museum Cozumel Museum Punta Sur San Gervacio ruins

Cozumel Parks and Museums


Chankanaab National park (know known as "Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park" is arguably Cozumel's number one parks and museums attraction. Chankanaab Beach Adventure ParkThere is a wide variety of attractions both natural and manmade to partake in. You can walk down a miandering path surrounded by natural veggitation and stone carmings. There is a replica of a Mayan village, Snorkeling, food vendors, Dolphin Discovery, spa service, and much more. For more information >>

Punta Sur:

What used to be a dirt road that was accessible 24 hours a day is now a tourist destination with snorkeling, concessions, observation decks, and a Punta Sur - Celerain Lighthouselighthouse museum. The flora and fuana is facinating and you can view the Chankanaab lagoon from the observation towers. Punta Sur (or Celarain Lighthouse) is located 30 Kilometers or 18 miles south of San Miguel. The park is dominated by mangroves swamp, marshes and sand dunes covered in natural vegetation. For more information >>

San Gervasio:

San Gervasio is Cozumel's largest archiological site. It was home to the goddess Ixchel (literally translated as "She of the Rainbows"). She was also the San Gervasio Archiological sitegoddess of fertility, midwifery, weaving, and medicine. During its apex the site was part of a pilgramage by all Mayan women as a right of passage.There are many structures that have discriptions in front of them so that you can take either a self guided tour or you can hire a guide. For more information >>

Cozumel Island Museum:

Cozumel's Museum features the history of Cozumel and has both permanent and temporary exhibits. Both local and international artists show their Cozumel Museumwork.There are four main galleries that feature everything from Culture, geology, sealife, and reef system.

Cozumel's Museum is located: Avenida Rafael Melgar
& Calle 6 Norte
Admission: $4 USD - children under 8 free
Hours: Daily 9 am to 5 pm