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Cozumel Shopping: Unique Boutiques Part 3

Cozumel shopping: Unique Boutiques.


A the original Cozumel shopping guide we are always looking for new unique boutiques. Here are some of our latest finds.

Cozumel's most extensive collection of Mexican Folk art can only be found at Los Cinco Soles. This is not your ordinary Mexican Curio store. It is an eclectic mix of fine artesian art brought to you from every part of Mexico. Since Cinco Soles is one of our most popular and largest stores selling artisian art we put together a web site for Cinco Soles.

Los Cinco Soles is the last store on the North of the waterfront on 12th Avenue. It is well worth the walk or cab fare.

Cozumel Shopping is more then just Mexican Curios!

If you don't already know about it; the local government has completed a remodeling of the downtown sidewalks, curbs, night lamps, landscaping, and downtown square. There are park benches, palm trees, and now outdoor cafes are beginning to sprout up. This is exciting news for anyone that knows Cozumel and if you have never been here this is even more of a reason to come. Le Chef is one such eatery that has outdoor seating and also sells a wonderful assortment of gourmet delights, wine, and also has a charming European atmosphere.

Le Chef is located on the corner of Aveneda 5 and Calle 5. It is very convenient to the waterfront and is worth a visit!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Downtown San Miguel has see a transformation that has not been seen in many years. Besides the beautiful landscaping and flowers that were added after Hurricane Wilma; there are brand new architecturally tasteful buildings which are now filled with handicrafts and stores of many varieties. These new stores are located right in front of the clock tower in the main square.

The architecture is also a piece of Mexican art.

Down town renovated shops

Cozumel shopping for Cowboys and cowgirls!

OK; maybe it isn't a boutique. And maybe Rogers Boots is not even unique. So you might ask yourself; why are we even mentioning a leather store?

The fact of the matter is that tons of tourists, especially those that come from Texas and certain parts of Europe, consider Mexican leather goods to be some of the finest in the world. On top of that the prices are exceptional. For these two reasons alone we needed to add "Rogers Boots" to our list of "Unique Boutiques".

Rogers Boots has the largest selection of leather goods on the island. From belts to shoes to Brief Cases, and gun holsters; Rogers Boots is sure to carry them. Their hand carved leather designs make these pieces a great gift idea for yourself, family, or friends.

Rogers Boots is located near the corner of Rosada Salas and the Water front.

GPS coordinates:
N 20o 30' 31.7"
W 086o 57' 04.3"

Rodgers Boots leather goods

The central business district is also another great place to shop for things other than boutique shopping. 30th Avenue has a host of popular restaurants and shops that sell for less. For more information click here.

Remember, we are always expanding our "Unique Boutiques" site so stay in touch so you can experience the ever growing list of the best shopping that Cozumel has to offer!

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