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Cozumel shopping: Unique Boutiques.

Cozumel painted feathers shop

Feathers anyone?

Looking for some local art that is certainly unique?

These hand painted feathers come in many designs: From painted Mexican flags, exotic flowers, tropical fish, to the most detailed depictions of the ancient Mayan people. The owner, Sr. Balam, is the main artist. Prices range from about $35 U.S. to as much as $135 U.S. and they're worth it.

These original works of art are on display at very affordable prices. The detail is amazing and each feather depicts a special side of Mexico

Located on the North end of the town plaza on (a few shops in)Calle 2 Norte and 5 avenida Norte.

Swim suites, surf boards and "hang ten" with Cozumel shopping; Uniuqe Boutiques.

Puro Mar says: Surf's up!!

Whether you want to buy a surf board to hang ten on the other side of the island, or that very cute bikini that you've been looking for the past few years, you will definitely find it here. What island would be complete without a really great surf shop!

There is a wide variety of swimwear for both men and women. They also sell many sun block products and accessories.

The surf shop is located across the street from the Argentinian Steak House on Calle 5 and Ave 5 sur.

GPS coordinates:
N 20o 30' 27.3"
W 086o 57' 04.6"

Puro Mar Surf Shop interiors
Shopping bargains
Cozumel Mexico is home to many indigenous creatures. The Splendid toadfish and the Cozumel Thrasher (a rare bird) are among them. But perhaps one of Cozumel's most unique inhabitants resides in the jungle just east of San Gervasio Ruins at a place known as "Mayaluum," or "Land of the Mayas."! Felipe Nery Solis is the artist and proprietor of Mayaluum and hails from the Yucatan Peninsula near the ancient ruins of Palenque! He moved to Cozumel in search of a quiet place where he could live his life while doing what he loves best; replicating Mayan artifacts!

Felipe's attention to detail is only matched by the uniqueness of his craft. Each piece is hand sculpted to incorporate his personal touch into each and every art piece. Cozumel shopping is an experience best served with a Mayan flavor. And at Mayaluum you will find no finer example of that.

You can choose from a small hand held figure to a large Mayan tablet. If you want to decorate your home, give a one-of-a-kind gift to a special friend, or if you are going all out with a home improvement project as in the video below; you will find it here at this most unique location. So if you are here on vacation and would like to find the perfect gift make sure to visit Mayaluum!

Address: Km 11 Carreter Transversal, Cozumel, Mexico
Phone Number: 987-876-0249

Cozumel Shopping - Mayaluum
Silver store
Just as we had to mention leather items; we are constantly asked where the best and most Unique Boutique is in Cozumel that sells Mexican silver. By far the most variety in quality and price can be found in Villa Mar Shopping plaza; located next to Fat Tuesday in the main square. Our favorite store in Villa Mar is Nudo Marineri.

Here you will find a wide array of quality silver jewelry to fit every budget. Some of the pieces are quite expensive but very detailed and not found anywhere else on Cozumel. Still other pieces are perfect for that teenaged daughter that just has to bring something home for her best girlfriend! Go ahead and check it out! Just make sure to keep one hand on your wallet.

GPS coordinates:
N 20o 30' 37.2"
W 086o 56' 58.0"

Villa Mar Shopping Center, Cozumel

Cozumel Shopping Continued